How did you get the money for the iPad?

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Sep 12, 2009
Well, not everyone is a millionaire or has enough money to 'just buy' an iPad.
How did you make sure you had enough money to buy an iPad?

Well, me first. To be honest, I don't know if I will have enough (this week I spent almost €100,00 on some games) and now my whole plan is ruined. But I'm trying to do the following (I will try to say how many euros is how many dollars):

Please put your calculations/budget/whatever-you-are-going-to-tell-to-answer-the-question in a quote.

I do not live in the USA, but in The Netherlands so I assume it will be launched over here in may or june at its earliest.

Currently I've got €200,00 (about $270) for the iPad. That is at this moment. Every month I earn a minimum of €85,00 (about $115) but this might get as high as €100,00 (about $135). Let's say I won't earn more than €85,00 (so that I don't earn more than the minimum) and that the 16 GB WiFi iPad is €499 as we Europeans always pay more (note: no sales tax or something. In most EU countries the price you see, is what you pay).

March: €200,00 (about $270)
April: +€85,00 (about $115) = €200 + €85 = €285 (about $382)
May: +€90,00 (exception) (about $120) = €285 + €90 = €375 (about $502).
June: +€85,00 (about $115) = €375 + €85 = €460 (about $616).

So by the end of may we already reached the dollar price for a 16 GB model. By the end of june we reached the 32 GB dollar price. Unfortunately this is not enough for me as a European (always usually does 1:1 pricing, but hopefully they will this time do 50,00 or 100 difference).

Lucky enough it's my birthday in june. This means I probably get some money (as they usually give money instead of gifts). This can differ. Maybe €20,00, but also maybe €150. I don't know.

This means I will can buy an iPad in june. Now I still need accessoires, so those I'm going to ask for my birthday from my parents. Maybe they want to pay these for me.

But what if the iPad is launched in may?!
First of all, how dear you to think like that. They promised us worldwide launch, but they didn't make it. But just in case: if it happens I will just ask if my parents want to give me some money in advance. And than by the end of june, I will just pay them back. Now I just have to convince them to do that.

I'm sure I will have an iPad by june, and maybe my parents want to pay the accessoires for me as a birthday gift. I will probably get money with my birthday as well (they always say "buy something nice of it.") and in a best-case scenario I will earn €100 each month (in stead of €85,00).

So one thing is sure: I will have the iPad with some luck by may, and I will for sure have the iPad in june.


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Mar 22, 2010
Tax return! Otherwise it would be an impossibility until I've saved up for several months.


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Nov 9, 2009
Long Island
Instead of eating food on campus I just go to the nearest Blimpie. Literally cuts the amount of money spent on food in half. Not that I had to really save up for it - but for truly unnecessary purchases such as this, I feel better using money saved by cutting back on other things instead of just spending more.


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Mar 11, 2010
):Please put your calculations/budget/whatever-you-are-going-to-tell-to-answer-the-question in a quote.
Just curious, why did you want people to quote themselves in their own messages? That's kind of counterintuitive to typical use of the quote function.


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Dec 2, 2009
What was my projector fund, that has turned into a general electronics fund.:)
1 dollar per hour before taxes and its technically called a vacation fund. I like electronics fund but of course the wife wants to keep it the vac fund.


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Jun 8, 2007
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The new education tax refund credit. Didn't expect as much as I got.


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Mar 25, 2010
Sold 8GB 1st Gen iPod touch = $149
Sold old Dell Inspiron B-130 Laptop - $149
Sold Graphics Card from Desktop - $99
Parental Unit - $99 + taxes

This = 16GB iPad Wifi ($533)


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Aug 18, 2008
Money from selling stuff on ebay/macrumors marketplace. Ill be getting the 32gb wifi version with dock, case, and vga adapter.


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Sep 14, 2007
I sold:

HP Mini 1030nr - 200 Bucks
iPod touch 1st Gen - 75 Bucks

And the rest I've just saved from my job these past few paychecks, since I've about halved the price of the iPad it'self, it wasn't really hard to justify getting it.

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