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How much RAM are you going to get in your new MacBook Air?

  • 8 GB

    Votes: 38 17.9%
  • 16 GB

    Votes: 106 50.0%
  • 24 GB

    Votes: 68 32.1%

  • Total voters


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Dec 9, 2014
Looking for some genuine input from others here because it seems every thread I read about RAM paints 8GB as a devilish decision.
I'd normally tell someone to get 16 GB for this workload. 8 GB is probably usable if you only hit your max load situation rarely, and don't mind a little bit of slowdown. The one thing that might make a difference in your case is that you say you change computers often. An 8 GB machine might be a little harder to resell, it's good enough for casual usage though.


macrumors 68000
Oct 12, 2014
Likely just 8gb for me

I am target demographic for this laptop, just office and zoom, mail and safari mostly these days

Looking forward to MagSafe. My favourite feature I’m glad they brought it back

Will upgrade to 512SSD though
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