How old is your MacBook?


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May 1, 2010
The battery in my MacBook isn't holding a charge like it used to so I fired up Coconut battery just to see the condition my MacBooks battery was in. (It is in the yellow range). As a bonus, Coconut Battery gives the model of your MacBook and its age. Wow, my MacBook (model 1,1) is 56 months old.

Just out of curiosity, how old is your MacBook?

late edit:
since others have listed the details, here are mine:
Battery load cycles: 351 (I think this is my third battery)
Battery capacity: 49%

October 2015 update
My MacBook finally gave up the ghost and no longer boots up. This happened about a month ago. I think it is a hard drive issue (I get a flashing folder with a "?" mark graphic when booting). Everything important on it was backed up but I will put the drive in an enclosure to see if I can recover anything.

Let's see. In May 2011 it was 56 months old. +7 months to bring it to 2012, +36 months (2012, 13, 14), +9 months in 2015 = 108 months = 9 years exactly! No complaints here. It was a long and useful life. I'm retired now and my needs have changed. I use my iPhone and iPad for everything mobile and my iMac and mini Mac connected to my TV for everything else. I may not replace the laptop after all!
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Oct 15, 2008
27 Months. Late 2008 Aluminum MacBook here. Got it just 3 or 4 days after the keynote. My battery is showing as 95% of the original capacity still. I can live with that. Especially considering every PC I've known has had the OEM battery die after just a little over a year.


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Feb 13, 2010
while not a macbook, our ibooks are still going strong with the software they can run.


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Mar 25, 2009
My macbook 5,2
Age: 23 months
Battery loadcycles: 393
100% battery capacity...weird but thats what it says lol.
Current Capacity: 5033 mAh
Design Capacity: 5020 mAh


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May 18, 2008
Looking at some of you guys' stats I'm starting to think that I didn't take good care of my MB's battery lol.

Mac Model: MacBook 5,2
Age: 23 Months
Cycles: 322
Current Capacity: 3933 mAh
Design Capacity: 5020 mAh

78% Capacity


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Mar 11, 2009
New York, NY
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My blackbook is 56 months old. On my second battery. But I think there is something wrong with battery, I have 90 percent capacity and 55 cycle count.
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