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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by alexberry, Nov 3, 2017.

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    Here’s how to do it with visual evidence to prove this is more than a geek’s folklore trick for once and for all for you stubborn users who all conveniently choose to ignore alexberry’s question of whether anyone knows how to do the equivalent of old iphone’s hard ram reset method as he described on the iphone x for very obvious reasons! And please who doesn’t know that by resetting the phone the ram is also flushed but how many of you would go through the hassle of a phone reset, including the time it consumes to complete the job? The multitask switcher also does not completely removes it from the ram, it stays “minmized” in the background with still some memory hogged up to preserve the user’s last conditions. This is a permanent ram reset much akin to the Mac OSX’s command+control+P+R reset during startup. Thank you.
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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding but you are intentionally doing that often?

    Free ram is wasted ram, it might was well not be in the phone if you aren't going to let the OS keep frequent data suspended.

    Like I said I might just be misunderstanding you but I feel people on this forum have a massive aversion to using stuff they paid for.
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    Yes, you are misunderstanding me. And No, free ram is not wasted ram. I understand why data are suspended. It is to ensure smooth transition between used app so that your generic iphone users wouldn’t complain about lag. But it puts a hard cap at, just to name a few, the number of tabs you can open in Safari, number of photos and videos you can view on instagram or facebook and so forth. Which leads to my main point. Many users have replied that you don’t need to flush the ram, IOS does that for you. Well, have you guys noticed how it is done? How do you release more memory? By deleting existing memory of course but this is one area where I don’t want the system to decide for me. I can’t recall how many times I’ve had an app suddenly force shut on me due to this lack of ram. By performing this wizardry I’m able to flush all the suspended data I don’t need before proceeding to launch ram heavy apps like safari (when u need many tabs open for quick reference), imovie, facebook (ios keeps all the loaded photos and some video contents suspended in the ram and it adds up very quick and before you know it you have hit the cap and facebook force shuts). So, free ram IS FREE RAM. Garbage suspended data that hogs up precious ram space is wasted ram.
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    iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6Sx3, 7, and now SE all at varying RAM and storage options ... always restored from iTunes and then iCloud backup when it began ... NEVER had an issue with iPhone app or function performance other than: Phone app freezing or crashing 3 times, and touch recognition - which is due to my own thumbs yet not isolated to iPhones.

    Many others that leave apps running in the background with background updates, and don't realize jumping back into the app renews the 10mins background count before the app sleeps, continually uses both RAM and storage swap. Many of those users eventually, eventually have all kinds of unexplained issues ... that usually a restart solves. That whole smartphone restart was something BlackBerry techs LOVED to quote as first level troubleshooting waaay back. Heck even one of their original CEO's (Lazaridis was quoted in an interview stating that).

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