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    How to minimize windows by clicking on the dock icon again (like in windows) .
    Clicking the dock icon I open the window why clicking again on the icon nothing happen? thanks
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    How? Use Windows.
    Why nothing happens when you click the icon again? The macOS Dock does not have the same Windows Task Bar functionality. They are even called by different names! Ergo, they are not the same.

    macOS options:
    Right click on Dock icon, select Hide
    Click on the app name (menu bar, upper left, bold) select Hide App
    Click yellow dot in upper left of App window

    Many options it has, the macOS
    May the Force be with you
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    I never really use the Dock, just spotlight and keyboard shortcuts; but I took a moment to try and do what you said. The closest solution I could find is option+click the app you want to hide on the dock. I personally find hiding more useful than minimizing.

    Hope this helps!

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