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Oct 22, 2017
So I created a very simple dice rolling app. Yes, this is my first app. I also have an Apple Developer Account and I am ready to upload the App to the App Store. In the application process it asks for a URL to my privacy policy. How do I create a privacy policy? My App does not take any information from user and does not require internet.
BTW. I did some research prior to this post, and some of the results were to hire a Lawyer (but my app is not that serious and I don't have the money for that) and another result said to not use an online generator (if this is true, why is that?)
Thanks in advance!
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Jul 25, 2007
It’s always best to hire a lawyer. Absent that, creating a page that says “this app does not receive or store any personal information” is probably all you need to say. Just make sure it’s true.


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Nov 10, 2018
I just looked at the wording of other apps’ privacy policies to get an understanding of what they were including.


Apr 19, 2014
I'd strongly recommend getting a lawyer. You next best bet after that is to find a template that fits your needs and fill it in (but make sure you understand what it means).


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Dec 12, 2013
I find that getting a lawyer for this is utterly ridiculous. If your app does not even connect to the internet just state that. In plain language.

A privacy policy does not have to be complicated.

Taken from here:

Your privacy policy should address the following:
  • Who is collecting the data? - Nobody
  • What data is being collected? - None
  • What is the legal basis for processing the data? - None
  • Will the data be shared with any third parties? - No
  • How will the information be used? - In no way
  • How long will the data be stored for? - There is no data
  • What rights does the data subject have? - There are no subjects
  • How can the data subject raise a complaint? - There are no subjects
GDPR is not some stupid policy made by money grabbing lawyers. Most of the terms are stated vaguely not because they want to entrap you but because it gives people leeway on how to implement it.


One thing that you should also include is the privacy policy of your webhost. If your page is a simple html served from Apache or NGINX then it will store logs that have the user agent, system, access time and IP address logged. All hosting companies provide the list of stuff that is collected in the logs and you should mention the name of the company and ideally link their privacy policy too.
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