Hypothetical Return of Steve Jobs

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Labeno, Dec 21, 2018.

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    When Steve Jobs came back to Apple he cleaned out all the many useless products and went on to create the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, MB Air, MB Pro. All of these were highly focused, high quality, used new technology, and he spared no expense for the fine details; e.g. MagSafe, Retina Display, and so on.

    It seems Apple under Cook has lost its way yet again... removing critical innovations (e.g. MagSafe, which means you'll trip over the cable, break your Mac, and have to buy a new one), reduced capability to anemic processing power, heavily increased prices, and promote fashion instead of quality functionality that even my grandparents could figure out.

    I used to buy Apple products whenever something new came out, but I haven't done that in about 5 years with some minor exceptions. I still use a MBPro 2012 because the 2018 models don't seem better. The latest iPad Pro has amazing processing power that could be used for Xbox One or PS4 style games, but Apple won't create a dedicated game controller force games to be touch screen (Nintendo Switch proves people want portable high end games). The only thing that keeps me in the Apple eco system is the want for privacy, nice OSX Apple software (for content creation) and iOS software (compared to clunky Ad-filled Android software).

    I miss the SJ Apple. What do you think Steve Jobs would do if he could come back now?
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    Steve Jobs was all about minimalism. On board A, you show him a connector that can:

    - Charge a laptop with a magnetic cable which can disconnect itself if you trip over it

    On board B, you show him a connector which can:

    - Support charging
    - Support audio
    - Support video
    - Support any legacy interface
    - Can be daisy chained
    - Has 40Gb/s throughput

    There was nothing comparable to that when Steve was around. If there was, I have absolutely no doubt he'd have marketed it. If anything, he'd probably have put it in as standard in all their products rather than keeping legacy USB-A. He was very much one for "force the decision and force the market to follow".

    So yes, Steve would have done things differently. Just maybe not in the way you thought he would have.
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