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Sep 1, 2021
Since 2020, I have used a large iPhone, specifically the iPhone 7 Plus... I purchased the iPhone 14 Pro Max in April 2023...

Prior to those bigger phones, I have owned and used iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, SE 2016 years after they were introduced... I did not have the funds to purchase a new model at the time of release...

When the iPhone 12 mini was introduced, I have watched several side by side comparison videos of 12 mini and 5/5s/SE 2016, however, seeing is one thing and feeling/holding one in your hand is different...

Close to 3 years later, I was finally able to do a physical side by side comparison of a 13 mini and 14 Pro Max... When Apple introduced the larger iPhone model in 2014, I decided that I will go with the largest model available due to having the biggest battery physically and a larger display...

To me, shorter battery life/shorter usable period, smaller display, no telephoto, are cons but I agree that ease of use/one hand use, lightweight, and being similar to iPhone 5/5s/SE 2016 are some of the reasons why some of you decided to go with the 13 mini...

After Apple stopped selling the SE 2016, it had a spiritual successor in the 12 mini, however, the 13 mini is the improved version in terms of battery life... Is the 13 mini perfect? I don't think so, but I am wishful that Apple can somehow squeeze in a bigger battery while keeping the dimensions virtually the same or as close as possible, then that would be great...


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Sep 28, 2013
As someone who switched from a smaller phone (7) to a large one (12 Pro Max), I agree. I can still use the Pro Max with one hand (just barely), and it's an amazing phone overall, but the weight of that thing is hard to ignore. I was hoping to downsize with my next phone but if rumours are to be true I think I'll have to wait out and see they will fill in the gap left by the Mini with a new SE.

To be honest I miss the iPhone 5 form factor even to this day.
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