I need help, Possible shorted iPhone component.

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    Feb 17, 2017
    Hello, I was trying to replace the battery in my iPhone 6S with one of those kits from Amazon and made a big mistake. I had done the whole installation and connected the screen back to the body of the phone, once I was all finished I tried to turn on the phone and nothing happened. I went to go get a charger cable, I plugged my phone in and I felt the phone do that vibrate when you plug it in. I tried to shut down the phone but couldn't because the screen didn't work so I hoped for the best and I took the phone apart and went to check if all the cables had been attached properly. I took the cover off and also took the ribbon cables off and noticed that the black foam stuff was covering a section of one of the contacts so I tried to move it to the side. I accidentally touched the contact that it was covering, I saw a small puff of smoke off of the contact and immediately freaked out and ran up the stairs and explained the situation to my parents, they had no idea what to think and neither do I. They bought me the phone and aren't nearly as concerned as I am.

    I'm afraid that I shorted out the motherboard or something else, if you have any insight on what to do please tell me. I plan on taking it somewhere to see if they can fix it. Also, if my grammar/choice of word isn't up to par I'm sorry because I'm clearly new at this kind of stuff.

    Thanks, Clark
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    I think your best bet now is to take it to an iPhone repair service or to an Apple store. If you take it to an Apple store they will likely exchange it for a refurbished 6s, however, you will have to pay. A word of advice.... Apple charges $79 to replace an iPhone battery and they will do it right. Too many folks try to replace those batteries by themselves and it winds up costing them more when they mess it up.

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