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Jul 22, 2008
Same issue here: Icloud verification failed. The application you have selected does not exist
I was able to use the Apple Card earlier today.


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Jun 22, 2010
So annoying, I regret moving my main e-mail to iCloud when I decided on a new one to cut out all the 5000 e-mails from old websites I no longer used. That's what I get for being lazy and trying to just use Apple services.
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Jan 10, 2012
lol that "The application you have selected does not exist" warning is pretty alarming. Really... Apple Wallet doesn't exist? :p


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Sep 15, 2012
Made me lock my account and reset my password for nothing ** fixed as i sent this**


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Dec 31, 2013
Every service you don’t run is technically a cloud service, always has been online.

What way would you suggest to run a service like this?

Cloud means transport, storage, and compute are online.

Microsoft Word with files stored locally would not be a cloud service.

E-mail via POP3 would not be a cloud service, even though you need to be online to receive new mail, accessing old mail and composing would be performed locally.

Similarly you would store photos locally to avoid using a cloud service.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
Isn't it great that our lives now are dependent on Apple services? Such a nice warm fuzzy feeling


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Jun 16, 2010
Folks, here's what I've heard. The Senior Advisor I spoke to said no one has heard of this issue at all of Apple and Apple talks to billions of people an hour, so if it were an issue, he would have heard about it before any user heard about it and to not trust what some supposed "Apple Status page" reports. He has also been working on iCloud for over 30 years, so if he hasn't heard of an issue, it has never occurred.

That said, the current advice from Apple is to put your iCloud login into DFU mode, plug your iCloud login into a computer, and download a fresh copy of the OS. Then, install the OS onto your iCloud account and set-up your iCloud account as new - DO NOT restore from backup. If the issue persists, you'll need to download Apple's de-bugging software and run a sysdiagnose, with Mail logging enabled. You'll then submit that to engineering and they'll officially confirm that Apple's official position on the matter is that you should keep your iCloud login up to date with the latest version of the OS.


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Apr 2, 2008
New York.
I swear this stuff ONLY happens when I haven’t used the site or app in forever lmao.

I went on this morning for the first time in sooo long and was having issues. I just thought it was normal.
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