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Feb 8, 2007
Been using iCloud Photo Library for awhile now... Upgraded to the 1TB plan a few months ago as I had gone over 200GB. I've been using "Optimize Storage" on all devices for awhile but stopped trusting Apple so much and decided I should have a good local copies well. I set up Photos on another computer and selected the option to "Download Originals" so that I would have an additional local copy backup. I let Photos download in the background for several days. It eventually said that it was caught up. Here's where I'm concerned.

I'm being shown that I'm using 216.1 GB of storage in iCloud Photo Library. However, when I click on "Get Info" on my Photos Library (the one with "Download Originals" turned on), it's reporting that it's only 116 GB. I would expect this number to match the iCloud number if it's truly downloading the originals.

Here's the thing - I trust OS X a lot more than I do iCloud. Therefore, I don't think Finder is reporting the wrong disk space for my Photos library. I also doubt that iCloud is wrong in that it's roughly 216 GB of photos/video there. So where is the problem? Bug somewhere? What is going on? Why is this not consistent? This alone makes me not want to trust it and simply go back to Dropbox workflow. The whole point in using iCloud Photos was to "set it and forget it" peace of mind workflow but if I have to keep second guessing what it's doing, then I can't trust it...

Please reference attached screenshots. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!






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Jun 18, 2009
Although is a small amount, the screenshots show that the quantity of photos and videos downloaded is slightly less than on IOS. Do you have any more info or updates since?


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Jan 21, 2014
Check the library via the iCloud login on your desktop. When I've had to do a major sync, that source was accurate and seemed to be what everything else caught up to.
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