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Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by gumbymac72, May 15, 2018.

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    I've had a 12.9" iPad Pro for almost two year now. My wife's been wanting an iPad so I decided to get her the new iPad (6th gen) with a pencil. I ended up liking the smaller form factor and she likes the larger size, so I kept the small one and gave her my Pro. I signed out of all my accounts (various apps and iCloud). A few days ago she asked me why all of my photos were showing up on her phone (she also got an out of storage notice). I guess my photos stayed on the old Pro when I signed out and when she signed in with her iCloud account, it synced them to her account? How do I clean this up. I was in the settings on her iPad and if I turn off Photo syncing for iCloud, it asks if I want to delete all the photos on the iPad. Should I do this and then once they're gone, turn it back on? Will this pull her photos back down from the cloud or will her cloud always contain my photos now too? I'd like to clean up her photo account but I don't want to lose any of my photos!
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    Were most of your photos taken with a particular device that she doesn't have?

    If you sign into iCloud Photo Library on a Mac with her account, and let it download her library, you can search for photos using EXIF tags to find the photos taken by a specific device, then delete them. This might help out.

    Also, this is why it's always a good idea to do an "Erase all Content and Settings" when giving someone else your device. There's no reason to let stray data sit around and cause problems. :)
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    Sounds like she got her own Apple ID? I would just delete the photos that don’t belong to her on her device
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    I was hoping for something faster. I think I have over 14,000 photos on my iCloud account. Is that abnormal? What do most people do? Do they delete photos off iCloud after backing them up to an external HD or media? Does anyone routinely make backups of their entire iCloud Photo library? I think I only have a 500GB or 1TB drive on my Mac Mini. I'm not sure I could download the entire library.
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    Did you not restore it when you handed it to her? Always restore and let the new owner set it up with their account.
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    We've both taken turns preening the Photos app. Last night we also installed the new Gemini app and it's been super helpful in deleting duplicates, screenshots, and blurry photos.

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