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    I have been locked out of my icloud account for approximately one month now :-( I can't do anything on my phone that requires my password . my password has always been the same so it's not that I FORGOT my password . when I called apple support they advised me that it's because I have a two factor security . supposedly my account is in recovery process and I should be receiving a text message with instructions on how to RESET my password . it's been one month and I have not received that text . apple support just keeps telling me that I have to be patient and wait for that text message . in the meantime, I'm limited with what I can do on my ipnone 7 . any tips on what to do ? do I just wait ? should I lose hope at this point ? I'm afraid I've been locked out of my account forever . :-( thank you .
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    SMS messages don't take that long to deliver. I would not accept a "be patient" message from them. I'd call and suggest they assist you.

    I also asked this thread to be moved to the proper subforum where you're likely to get more help.
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    thank you and thank you .
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    what forum was that ? im new to this webpage .
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    I moved your thread to the iCloud forum section to hopefully get more exposure. You are fine. :)
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    Do you know which of the AppleID security options you have activated? Apple has two:

    1. 2 Step Verification - every time you try to log in, you get a text message to a "trusted device" that you have previously set up. This is Apple's first "take" on this issue, and is being phased out.
    2. 2 Factor Authentication - when you set up your AppleID access on a device (phone, tablet, computer), you get a 6-digit code displayed on the screen of a "trusted device" that you have previously set up. This us the new solution.

    The recovery process for each is different, but you should be able to reset the password and restart the authentication by logging into your AppleID account (http://appleid.apple.com) or your iCloud account (http://icloud.com), if possible... or by going to the http://iforgot.apple.com.

    With the 2 Step Authentication, Apple provided you with a recovery key... with 2FA, those recovery keys are not used.

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