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Apr 18, 2015
Delft, The Netherlands
Hi all,

I got a question about the iMac G3 speakers. About 3 weeks ago I got a iMac G3 500 mHz in indigo blue. Just to experiment and "own a real Mac, next to the hackintosch", also I got it to just put it on my desk and keep it as decoration. It was working great, speakers were fine. Installed OSX 10.4.11 on it, it suprised me that it was still working quite well for simple tasks, like simple webbrowsing, listingen to music etc.

Than after 2 weeks suddenly the right speaker started sounding weird, sound was coming out of it, but it was distorted. Not long after that, maybe an hour later the left one also did that. So I did some searches on the internet, and I could well be that the iMac got what was a known problem to the G3 "speaker foam rot". I took the bottom off to confirm, the pictures speak for themselves:
Left speaker
Right speaker
Right speaker

It is foam rot, so now I got 3 options, I think.
1: Wait for another broken cheaper G3 iMac to buy and replace speakers
2: Search for replacement speakers
3: Use external speakers (probably audiojack, don't think USB will work because of the pre-USB 2.0 ports)
4: Refoam existing speakers

1. The main problem with 1 is, I heard they all have some foam rot. So you never now in what condition you buy the speakers and how long they will function. Maybe they will also blow out soon after, remember that these computers were last made in 2003, so they are all 13 years old.
2. Because of the age, original replacement parts (I searched for the Apple part number) supply have dried up. I also can't seem to find any 3rd party ones. Ones that do appear in online shops, are also "pre-used", and see point 1, you do not know in what condition you buy them.
3. An option, maybe the best... but I would prefer 4, because it would take away the "all-in-one".
4. Someone on a Dutch forum suggested that I could refoam the speakers. So I looked into that option, it doesn't seem to hard at all. (But I have no experience, and the instruction videos are for large speakers). My main problem is, I can't find a refoam kit for these small speakers. The smallest I found are 2 inch, and they are definitely smaller than 2 inch, closer to 1 inch...

So I prefer 4, to give it a try, but I need to find a refoam kit. Does anybody know a place where they sell small refoam kits? Smaller than 2 inch? I would really appreciate it.

Is there some other material besides refoam kits, that I can use to fix this?

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Aug 5, 2001
5. Buy some modern speakers that would fit and engineer them in, since the front plates will hide the speakers anyway (I have no idea if this is possible, just throwing it out there!)

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Nov 18, 2014
Hi, just want to say the speaker in my MDD is having the problem too. I've read about using cloth replacements. But it doesn't look neat enough. I rarely use the speaker. So I just leave it that way until I find a better repairing method.