iMac Last Updated 602 Days Ago, Longest Span Ever Between Updates

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    I tend not to agree with you, but if you’re using these things, that is a valid argument.

    I also see the other side, especially since I do not use that integration, and Apple has failed me in hardware, software, and customer service as of late. I am not looking for integration, as this hasn’t worked for me in at least two years (and I am not a wearables kind of gal), I am looking for it just works.

    I still hold out slight hope that Apple will go back to that, and take as much pride in their build quality and QC as they did prior to 2013. I would like nothing more. Somehow, I think I should let go of this though.

    Until such time, I am willing to go where the build quality and customer service is closer to what Apple was.

    The iMac line has generally served me well since 1999, but it’s time to try something else.
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    I used to build my own PCs starting in early 2000 to roughly 2014 then switched over to Apple. I even obtain certification as a PC Technician. I remember being so hung up on computer hardware that I really didn't use my computer what is was intended for and that is as a tool. I bought my first iMac in 2014 with the 27" iMac with 5K Retina Display then in March of 2018 I purchased a iMac Pro. Yes, I could had made a PC and it would have be a lot cheaper; however, I'm actually very satisfied with the iMac Pro for it so far can handle what I throw at it without any problems (knocking on wood) and I have to do in the morning is tap the keyboard to start working. I can't remember that last time I had to reboot this computer other than when it has down an update. I know with my Windows computers if I had too many applications open at one time I would eventually have to reboot the computer. I'm not an Apple Fanboy and I have heard that today's PCs are actually very good in many areas. It's just after 35+ years of using Windows based computers I kind of gotten tired of working on them. I could careless if the iMac Pro doesn't have the latest technology components in it, for with technology today it seems to become ancient tech the very day you buy it.

    My biggest expense today is cameras & lenses for I have the photography bug in me. :D However, that seems to even settle down, for I'll be happy with my two Sony Alpha cameras for a long time (I hope).

    Though it would be nice if Apple would update their iMac lineup to entice new user to the fold. However, I been hearing that Apple really wants to get out of the computer business for the average customer. I think the only reason they updated the iMac mini late last year was to please all the people that were complaining about the mini not being updated in a long time. I think Apple will either update the iMac lineup with a new overall design (Bezel-less?), update the iMac lineup but say certain model are going away and maybe announce this is the last update that will feature an Intel CPU chip, or say this is the last time iMac will be updated for the consumer market (though I really don't see Apple doing this). Just my .02 cents.
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    You make a great case for why it's good for Apple to not update it's products, but I'm not trying to help Apple out. I'm trying to get the most value for my money and it's not 2 year-old tech for new tech prices. It's just being a smart consumer.
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    People buy the SE and it's 4 year old tech. You can't assume you understand the reason for purchase for every person.

    A computer <2 years old that is built with quality products and runs an OS you like isn't anything egregious.

    Most of the TVs at Best Buy are last year's models, as another example. There are plenty of very capable older machines that are sold for years. I just don't think it's reasonable to expect an upgrade at every opportunity for every product. iPhone makes sense because you have a lot of people on different cycles and enough people to look at the newest product for it to make sense.
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    Well using that they still sell a 5400 rpm HDD in 2019, I didn’t want to leap to far.
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    That's a good idea!
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    My 2013 iMac, just died, well the screen did.. repair cost is half the cost of a new iMac.. I think I will wait a month
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    Given what happened with the Mac mini - and despite repeatedly resigning myself to waiting - I'm seriously considering if it might be best to buy a 2017 iMac 5K and not wait for a new iMac to arrive.

    It seems likely I could still be waiting for an iMac refresh a year+ from now…

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