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Oct 2, 2018

maybe it has already discussed here before, but I'm in a situation I need real users advice coming out of their experiences with iMac Pro so decided to ask the community.

I need a new machine to replace my old Mac Pro 5,1. It will be used mostly for video compositing and editing (After Effects, Final Cut, Resolve ) some basic 3D and motion design ( Cinema 4D, 3D Max ) and sometimes heavy real-time theater/music audiovisual performances and mapping ( Touch Designer, Houdini ).

I think the best configuration of iMac Pro I can get for my budget is 10 core/64GB/Vega64 16GB. I guess it will be quite a fast working horse machine for the next 4 - 5 years. At least. At the same time, I have the display which I like a lot so don't need iMac really, and rumors about new MacPro make me think to wait for another +- 12 months and get even more powerful, expandable machine maybe for even less money (is it naive to think so? ). At the same time, 2x display setup of iMac and my current display also looks very seductive.

Does someone use new iMacs for 3D / and video compositing? Does it feel like a solid, reliable solution? Is it really fast? Are there any traps and pitfalls?

As far as I understood old maxed out trashcan Mac Pro (12 core/64/D700 ) is not a good idea for the moment, despite I like it's portability a lot. I have a rare need sometimes to take my workstation to another location to do a live streaming of an event, for example, working with a few video sources + doing generative live video art at the same time, or do stage design real-time animation for a theater. But portability is definitely not the first option I need.

So any recommendations are welcome! What do you say, is it worth to wait? Do you really satisfied with your iMac Pro?


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Jan 14, 2008
You buy a computer when you need it, i wouldn't wait for another 12 months personally. The iMacPro config you mentioned is the perfect config for what you want to use it for IMO. Nothing else will compare for FCPX usage in the current Mac lineup.

The only other ioption i'd recommend is getting a Macboo Pro fully maxed out and then wait and see what the new MacPro is about. That way you still have the latest and greatest of the current tech, but it will cost you about half as much and you can still use the screen you have.

...but nothing will come close to the iMac Pro

Bryan Bowler

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Sep 27, 2008
I love my iMac Pro (specs in my sig below) and it is running exceptionally well now that most of the bugs have finally been worked out in High Sierra. (What a disaster that operating system was until the last revision.) I use my iMac Pro nearly exclusively for video production and photography work.

As for the upcoming Mac Pro, I would consider waiting for it if you truly don't mind waiting 8-12 months for it. It will certainly be improved over the current iMac Pro and it would be really nice if Apple made it easy to get to the components and upgrade them. With that being said though, the iMac Pro is an incredible machine so if you need the upgrade now, then I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

I think it all comes down to when you actually need the new machine...


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Jul 6, 2017
If you need a pro machine now, I would highly recommend the iMac Pro. I love mine, as it has served me flawlessly from a hardware standpoint.

But, here are some alternative options you might wish to consider first, IF YOU CAN WAIT.

  • The Mac Mini is coming out with a pro-focus. This is a headless system that may also meet your needs. You should at least wait until the end of this month for that announcement.
  • The Mac Pro will be "modular" - meaning upgrading that system in the future will increase it's lifespan considerably longer than the iMac Pro all-in-one.
  • As suggested by @ekwipt the 2018 MacBook Pro was just refreshed, and it is a great machine. I use one myself as well. Possibly the best laptop experience I've ever had.
So, if you can wait until the end of this month at least, you have some better options. But if not, you will not be disappointed by the iMac Pro either.
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