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  1. B

    Upgrade iMac Memory

    Hi. I'm looking to upgrade the memory in my iMac. I have a Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017 with 16BG. And I was thinking of adding OWC 32GB (2 x 16GB) of compatible RAM. While conducting research, on Amazon, the top comment talks about how it is not compatible with stock Apple RAM, and that with...
  2. L

    What Mac should I buy now for around £1,000 new or old

    Hello! To cut a long story short I’m going to get some funding to buy a Mac, and need to buy it as soon as I get the money, which will be next week. However, I need advice about what to buy. I work in audio, graphic design and do a bit of video, so need something with some decent power but...
  3. mouseon

    Another buying advice thread

    I've owned Macs since about 2007. At first it was Macbooks, but lately I have gone the desktop route and have had iMacs and a Mac Mini. With the little time I have, I haven't kept up to date with what's been happening with MacBooks. So I have no idea what the lineup has done for the last 5+...
  4. M

    Best place to buy a refurbished macbook air?

    Hello! So I'm in the market for a new computer for doing recording work (voiceover, singing, etc.) and was recommended the macbook air because it's quiet and can be kept right in the booth with the microphone. I think I need one of the older models because my equipment uses the regular usb...
  5. B

    MacBook Air i7 2014 vs MacBook Air i5 2015

    I can find a used 13” MacBook Air i7 2014 with 8GB RAM and MacBook Air i5 2015 with 4GB RAM for about the same price. Which is the better option? Here are the specs: 2014 13" Apple MacBook Air 1.7GHz Core i7 256GB SSD 8GB RAM A1466 2015 13" Apple MacBook Air 1.6 - 2.7GHz Core i5 256GB SSD 4GB RAM
  6. Tonelli

    27' 2011 or 21.5 2013 iMac ?

    Please help ! down to these two , I prefer a bigger screen , but if it's generally a better computer. I will sacrifice the size of the screen ! Here are the specs of the two iMacs Late 2013 iMac 21.5 , 1.12 tab fusion drive, 8gb ram 3.1 ghz i7 850$ Canadian or 640$ US Or Mid 2011 iMac...
  7. Tonelli

    Help Picking between 2 iMacs 2013 !

    hey ! Looking for advice I'm between two iMacs 2013 Late 2013 iMac 27' 24gb ram , 1tb hdd , 3.5ghz i7 800$ Canadian or 602$ US OR Late 2013 iMac 21.5 , 1.12 tab fusion drive, 8gb ram 3.1 ghz i7 850$ Canadian or 640$ US Advice on selection and price would be very helpful !
  8. Tonelli

    Is this a good deal for 2011 iMac ?

    Here are the specs he wants 550$ Mid 2011 iMac 27' 512gb ssd Samsung 16 gb ram 2.7ghz i5 with a 6mb on chip shared L3 cache Radeon hd graphics 6770m graphics processor with 512mb gddr5 memory He said has upgraded like new , very fast , I'm going to look at it in two days Seems like a...
  9. Tonelli

    Is this a good deal for iMac ?

    Wanted 750$ / I've got him down to 650$ with negotiations Here are specs 21.5 mid 2011 2.5 ghz i5 20gb ram 500gb Sata hd New wireless mouse and keyboard Apple (never used) Said was in box for last two years iMac was used as point of sale device , and now he uses an iPad to do same job...
  10. zachlegomaniac

    Best Option to Replace 2013 rMBP

    Hi there, Current Situation: I am looking for some advice (obviously, right?). I have a late 2013 rMBP running macOS 10.14 with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB MHz DDR3 and a 128 GB SSD. The small amount of drive space worked for me before the laptop became my daily driver for work. Now I use...
  11. emilymariez96

    First time mac user, not sure which to get

    Hi, I am looking into purchasing my very first Macbook pro laptop. I am looking into getting them 2018 13 inch Macbook pro with 256 gb storage. I am not sure if I should stick with the base 8 gb of RAM or upgrade it to 16 gb of RAM. I am looking for a laptop to last awhile, hopefully throughout...
  12. DiscoBall

    iMac Pro VS 2019 Mac Pro (for video and 3D)

    Hello, maybe it has already discussed here before, but I'm in a situation I need real users advice coming out of their experiences with iMac Pro so decided to ask the community. I need a new machine to replace my old Mac Pro 5,1. It will be used mostly for video compositing and editing (After...
  13. I

    Need really complex advice for buying new MBP

    Hey guys, I'm considering to buy a brand new MBP 15 inch. However I have some questions regarding the models. So I am a software engineer who's coding a lot. Right now I'm using top of the line iMac 5K 27 inch 2017 at home (i7 4.2Ghz, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Radeon Pro 580) bought in June 2018...
  14. katp97

    13" MBP 2017 (nTB) 16GB w/ 256SSD vs. 8GB w/ 512SSD?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy a 13" 2017 MacBook Pro non TouchBar version. As I'm only borrowing my mum's 2014 MBP and she wants to give it to my younger brother who really needs a computer (she has a Dell XPS 13 and didn't like Apple's OS after buying this laptop, so she let me use it for...
  15. B

    2012 MacBook Pro Service Battery- Replace or get new MBP?

    Hello!! I've had the mid-2012 Macbook Pro 13'' (2.9 i7 processor, 8 GB RAM and 750 HDD) for four years now. Recently i started getting the Service Battery warning, so i ran some diagnostics and it seems it needs to be changed. Apple Diagnostics: (sorry for the bad picture quality) And...
  16. Guillaume.F

    Full Spec 21,5 VS Base Model 27

    Hi everyone! This question has probably been asked before but I can't seem to be able to make a decision. To make a short story, I am saying goodbye to my old asus 15" laptop who is now old and outdated in terms of screen and specs. After thinking of going for another laptop, I have finally...
  17. D

    MacBook + iPad + iPhone?

    I currently don't own any Apple devices and was wondering if it makes sense to get a MacBook, iPad and iPhone. I have a fairly beefy Windows desktop which I use for gaming and compute-heavy tasks like Photoshop/Lightroom and MatLab for school work, but it's a desktop so it doesn't satisfy my...

    Should i buy MBP now(within this week)?

    As i know at WWDC 2017 they will be announcing MBP 2016 with some hardware updates, i have a following questions : 1. do you think it will be more expensive than current latest MBP or/and current MBP price will drop? 2. how soon after announcement updated MBP will actually be in apple store and...
  19. bonjourx

    do you need to transfer Apple care plus to a new owner?

    hello! I'm planning on buying an iPad Pro 9.7 from a seller, it comes with an apple care plus, now I'm just a little confused as I've read online some said that the seller would need to transfer the apple care plus to me, while some said there's no need because the apple care plus is registered...
  20. A

    Buying Help: 2016 MBP Upgrade from 2012 MBP

    I've got a 2012 15" MacBook Pro (Non-Retina) and I'm wondering if it's worth upgrading to the new 2016 models. I'm a commercial photographer and often have to shoot tethered to show clients what's going on, I find tethered shooting painful and often suffer slow imports to Lightroom & Capture...