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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's next MacBook Air will feature a completely new design and come in a range of colors like the 24-inch iMac, according to leaker Jon Prosser, who has now released supposedly accurate renders of the new machines based on leaked images.


In a new video uploaded to YouTube channel Front Page Tech, Prosser elaborated on his previous prediction that Apple's next-generation MacBook Air models will come in a range of colors and showed renders depicting the new machines. In his previous video, Prosser assumed that the next-generation MacBook Air would feature an M2 Apple silicon chip, and be a successor to the current M1 MacBook Air.


Prosser's renders are purportedly closely based on leaked images of a MacBook's aluminum enclosure. Prosser said that he came to the conclusion that the leaked images showed a MacBook Air due to its ultra-slim profile and dissimilarity to leaked schematics showing the next-generation MacBook Pro models.

Prosser said that the design of the MacBook Air is no longer tapered, but it is considerably thinner overall.


Like the Magic Keyboards for the new 24-inch iMac, the MacBook Air's keyboard will apparently be white and feature full-sized function keys. The larger function keys are said to have forced the entire keyboard down, thereby reducing the size of the trackpad.


There will be two USB-C ports, with one located on either side of the machine. Prosser said that a MagSafe port was not visible in the leaked images, so it was not added to the renders. A previous report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said that the next MacBook Air and MacBook Pro would feature the return of a MagSafe connector with faster charging speeds.


The underside of the MacBook Air will also see significant design changes, no longer having four rubber feet for support. Instead, there will be two long vertical strips.


The bottom of the MacBook Air render is said to be more accurate than the top half. The display and the size of its bezels are not known and purely speculative, but Prosser said that, just like the 24-inch iMac, the new MacBook Air will feature white bezels.


One of the most significant changes will be the range of colors offered on the MacBook Air for the first time. Prosser gained knowledge of a Blue and Green MacBook Air, but there will be color options to mirror the 24-inch iMac's color palette.


Specifically, the colors will apparently be "very close if not identical to the shades that you see on the stands for the new 24-inch iMacs." The iMac features more pastel colors on its stands, as opposed to the bolder, more striking colors on the iMac's rear.


Prosser accurately predicted that the iMac would come in a range of color options earlier this year. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Prosser wrongly assumed that the M1 iMac would mirror the iPad Air's color palette.

Prosser said that the redesigned MacBook Air will launch toward the end of 2021, if it launches this year at all. This is very similar to the timeframe outlined by Gurman, who said that Apple plans to release the new MacBook Air during the second half of this year at the earliest or in 2022.

Article Link: Images Reveal Colorful New MacBook Air Design


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Aug 19, 2017
If dropping the wedge design - effectively merging the Air and Pro - perhaps this will just be called MacBook instead of MacBook Air? The Air’s wedge design is too iconic to break with, really. We saw the same with retaining the iMac chin.

White keyboard isn’t a good call IMO, in certain lights the backlight can make it difficult to see the key masking, not to mention the grime. Good to have one TB4 port either side if you can only have two though!


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Aug 30, 2014
I don't know about others, but the white keyboard looks a little cheap to me. But then again I wouldn't want a white bezel or a green laptop either. I'm sure it appeals to some audience that is very different from the primary audience here.


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Dec 11, 2019
I actually like the fact that they're going to strips for the rubber feet, instead of just the 4 corners. My MacBook Pro has trouble staying still on my matte desk, so I hope this will provide just a little bit more traction.


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Dec 5, 2008
Brockton, MA
White bezels :rolleyes:

But anyways, those do look pretty neat! Like a much slimmer and far more powerful version of the clamshell iBook G3s. And it's smart they'll still have two of those Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, after learning from their mistakes with the 2015-2019 MacBook. Of course, I'll be perfectly fine with my 2020 silver M1 MacBook Air (though my next new Apple Silicon Mac will be a desktop that utilizes the M2 processor or whatever it's called, maybe a higher-end Mac Mini.) But I can imagine that in a few years from now, the electronics recycling/reselling company I work for may get quite a few of those new colorful MacBook Airs from school districts.
I am also starting to sense a pattern here; first Apple redesigns the iMac with a new color style and now the MacBook Air. No doubt this is to tie into the switch to Apple Silicon chips, as it does remind me of how the early Intel Macs used largely the same case designs as their PowerPC predecessors (iMac G5 iSight, PowerMac G5, PowerBook G4 (15" and 17"), Mac Mini G4, and even the original MacBook as pictured took a bit of influence from the iBook G4 in its design.) And then in 2007-2010 they redesigned most of those Macs, such as introducing the aluminum-construction iMacs, the unibody MacBook Pros and Mac Minis, etc. Besides, after the introduction of the aluminum iMacs in 2007 the visual changes made since then were minor, compared to the different PowerPC iMacs.


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Aug 17, 2007
Seattle, WA
If dropping the wedge design - effectively merging the Air and Pro - perhaps this will just be called MacBook instead of MacBook Air?

This is what I am hoping and they also discussed this on the latest Upgrade podcast. However, there was fear that this new MacBook would start at $1199 or $1299 and the M1 MacBook Air would stick around at $999 and then Apple would be in the same boat it was with the original MacBook - few people bought it because the MacBook Air was good enough and it was cheaper. So I am hoping Apple kills off the M1 MacBook Air and just has this anchoring the bottom - maybe with M1 for $999 and M2 for $1099.

And it would allow Apple to go back to the old "Consumer / Professional" product matrix: "Consumer" is iPhone / iPad Air / iMac / MacBook (Air) with multiple color options and "Professional" is iPhone Pro / iPad Pro / iMac Pro / MacBook Pro with fewer color options and better components.


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May 14, 2010
I actually like the fact that they're going to strips for the rubber feet, instead of just the 4 corners. My MacBook Pro has trouble staying still on my matte desk, so I hope this will provide just a little bit more traction.
As the computers get lighter and lighter you need to find a way to increase the coefficient of friction between the computer & desk so the computer doesn't blow away when you sneeze :)


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Sep 27, 2017
Although these look less luxurious, I reckon they’ll sell like hot cakes with that row of proper tactile function keys.
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Dec 8, 2008
I like the colors. I also like the white keys, although I agree with others that says they will show dirt.

Is it going to have only one USB-C port, or is there a second one on the other side, or a separate port altogether for charging?
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Jan 14, 2009
Devon, UK.
I'm in line for replacing my current 13" MacBook Pro when the next M2 MacBook Pro is released.

I'm hoping for 14" thin black bezels, black keyboard and space grey or darker.

Something tells me I'm going to be disapointed.
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