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Feb 9, 2016
Please report bugs to (a developer account is not required to do this)

Please only post new bugs, changes, etc. in appropriate categories and subsections of this post.

iOS 10 Developer Beta 2

Build: 10.0 (14A5297c)

  • CarPlay
    • Occasional Siri mishaps such as reading things through the phone speaker or having Siri not work at all.
  • General
    • "Show More" and "Show Less" in Spotlight are underlined sometimes.
    • Status Bar clock may sporadically disappear after unlocking the device and also when in certain apps.
    • After phone (6s Plus) reboot - it needs 4-5 minutes to boot properly. At the beginning it freezes, iMessage app freezes. But after a while all works fine.
    • Feedback assistant shows you're submitting bugs for iOS 9 and not iOS 10. This is resolved through the introduction of public beta program.
    • Insane amount of Bluetooth audio skips when listening over a Bluetooth device.
    • Insane amount of random audio pauses when watching videos/listening to music
    • Usage and standby time are the same for some users.
    • Status bar disappears when returning to home screen while on a phone call.
    • Restarting your iPhone may cause the Camera and FaceTime apps to disappear. As a result, you can no longer take photos. Restarting device does not solve the problem.
    • Page jumps to the bottom when pressing return or backspace while typing on forums.
  • Notification Center
    • Widgets occasionally show a blank page.
  • Control Center
    • Iconography for AirPlay devices color inverted (same applies to some other graphics).
  • Home App
    • Schlage Sense still shows "Not Supported" in the Home app. Using Siri can still unlock and lock the door. Similar experience with August locks.
    • Hue Accent's tone adjustment not yet supported.
  • Messages
    • When in conversation view, click on the contact's photo. Going back to the conversation results in a transparent Status Bar.
  • Music
    • When Apple Music is off, tabs only meaningful for Apple Music briefly show up in app starting animation.
    • Bottom left area of "Now Playing" still vacant, yet tapping on it prompts deletion of current song from library or deletion of device's download. Existed in Beta 1. [previous bug]
    • Smart playlists are not working they just show blank. (may only be limited to Apple Music user, as local iTunes music is not affected)
    • Apple Music may randomly be turned on without user notice if Apple Music is turned off beforehand.
  • FaceTime
    • When leaving a call by going to another app and then relaunching FaceTime, the video will not properly rotate.
  • Hardware
    • Volume buttons stop working. A reboot fixes it but the problem comes back.
  • General
    • Reduce Motion is mostly fixed (Safari tabs may experience lag).
    • Feedback app added.
    • Original keyboard click sound restored.
    • News app can now be removed from Home screen.
    • Disabling lock sound toggle works now.
    • Clipboard copy/paste between iPhone and Mac now works.
    • The wheel when selecting a time, date or number has a slightly different sound.
    • Reduce White Point has a slider now with very aggressive options.
    • Notification pop-ups are sized based on content.
  • Lock/Home Screens
    • Rest finger to unlock option.
    • Passcode Dots are not overblown anymore.
    • Rich Notifications now work on non-3D Touch devices.
    • New folder animations and folders more blurred and transparent.
    • In Reachability mode, 3D Touch shortcuts are displayed in reversed order.
  • Notification Center
    • Widgets in Notification Center on Home screen now (not just in apps).
    • Widgets properly resize to show all content.
    • Spotlight Search more responsive for most users.
    • New animation in Notification Center and Spotlight Widgets area.
  • Control Center
    • "AirPlay Screen" has been renamed back to AirPlay.
    • Renamed Flashlight 3D Touch options:
      • Bright Light
      • Medium Light
      • Low Light
    • Renamed AirDrop options:
      • Receiving Off
      • Contacts Only
      • Everyone
    • Bounce effect removed when opening Control Center.
  • Spotlight
  • Clock
    • Bedtime mode dims when deactivated.
    • Nine new wake-up sounds / alarms in Bedtime mode.
  • Siri
    • New animation when activating Siri.
  • Messages
    • Contact names and pictures at the top in group conversations are displayed side-by-side instead of overlapping.
    • New Store UI and "Manage" pane to disable/enable built in message add-ons.
    • Messages apps can be added automatically.
    • Handwriting messages and messages with effects now deliver to devices on iOS 9 and earlier
    • "Lasers" screen sending effect now respects the mute switch and does not play if device is muted.
  • Maps
    • During navigation, the current street you're driving on is shown at the bottom in a small rounded white box with blue lettering and a blue outline.
    • When selecting an address to navigate to, the large button to start directions now shows "Get Directions." Directly underneath it gives the estimated time and type of transportation: Drive, Walk, etc. No longer simply a car icon or walking icon. More straightforward now.
  • Music
    • Now supports Dynamic Type system-wide font size set in Settings.
    • 'Shuffle All' is back again (or displayed in a more prominent position).
    • Ability to click artist name and get full list of albums (sometimes buggy).
    • "Downloaded Music" renamed to "Downloads" (also no longer removable).
    • Results for Playlists now show when searching in "My Library".
    • "You Might Also Like" recommendations are now back at the bottom of album pages.
    • Rating option is still missing in beta 2. Nowhere can user rate a song in the app. Only third party apps capable of modifying rating can do it.
    • Unable to add songs to up next while connected to a dock/car USB port (Unsure if it's a fix or a bug since it worked in beta 1).
    • Able to change cellular data settings for streaming and downloads independently.
  • Calendar
  • Safari
    • Long-pressing on the tabs button displays a "New Tab" button.
  • Phone
    • Voicemail transcriptions are now active (only certain carriers and might be rolling out slowly).
Bug Fixes
  • App Store
    • TestFlight apps no longer appear as "Updates" to older versions in the App Store. This was reverting test apps backwards to an older version than the one being tested in TestFlight. (This happened in beta 1 as well).
    • Feedback Assistant finally appears again in the developer beta profiles.
  • Phone
    • Copying phone number from Recent and dialpad is back.
    • Mute appears to be fixed in phone calls.
  • Messages
    • Status Bar no longer disappears when rotating from landscape to portrait.
    • Tapping the keyboard icon while viewing handwriting mode will now allow you to type on keyboard in landscape mode
Again, please refrain from saying "performance is bad", "my iPhone is laggy now" etc. We should only judge performance when iOS 10 GM is released sometime in September.
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Jul 20, 2014
I have heard release notes aren’t posted yet, but when they are live can someone put them over here? Thanks much.
Correct. Dev center doesn't have the updated IPSWs up yet either. I'm guessing release notes will come with those.
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Nov 6, 2014
Hopefully there's a fix for the Siri bug. On beta 1, Siri is stuck as the female voice. Waiting to get wifi access to download beta 2.
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