ios 10 beta

  1. angelcandice29

    Need help I lost my contacts and messages after downgrading from IOS 11 to 10.3.2

    I downgraded my IOS from 11 to 10.3.2, I backed up my iphone 6 plus in my itunes prior to downgrading. I successfully downgraded my IOS to 10.3.2 but I lost my contacts and messages. How can I restore it without going back to 11? I am noob please help. Cheers!
  2. W


    Hey readers. I am launching a new fitness app soon and I would love to get some testers to fire it up and provide some feedback before it hits the apple store. If interested, here is the link to the sign up form: Happy testing, -FV
  3. Stingertough


    It would appear my notifications for messenger and Whatsapp are disabled despite full access being granted. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. litlirishone

    iOS 10.3 Public Beta 3 and Siri screenshots

    So, when I'm in my car and I hear a song but don't know the title, I'll press and hold the home button while my iPhone is locked to summon Siri. Siri accurately displays the name of the song and NORMALLY, I'll screenshot it so I can look it up later. BUT, ever since 10.3 PB 3, I've been unable...
  5. Statusnone88

    iOS 10.1 Beta 5 Users on AT&T... Did That Modem Update Help Your Cellular Service?

    Seems to have made a substantial increase to my cellular service here in Central FL with AT&T. Areas where I barely had LTE, I'm getting 2-4 bars with 45Mpbs download speeds. Areas of I-95 where I would drop VoLTE calls constantly don't seem to be an issue anymore. Anyone else seeing an...
  6. M

    Can I Still Install iOS 10 BETA 1?

    Would it be possible for me to still install iOS 10 beta 1?
  7. H

    IOS 10 on iPad 3

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this. I have an iPad 3rd generation that has unfortunately been rather slow since I updated to iOS 8 and then 9. Can anyone tell me if the iPad 3 performs better on iOS 10 ? Thanks
  8. ShiggyMiyamoto

    iPhone iOS 10 Jailbreak On Verge Of Releasing?

    According to iOS 10 (of which is set to release to the public tomorrow?) has already been jailbroken and a tool was given out to beta testers. Here's a video of an iPhone 6 I think? getting the deed done: If this is legit, I'm upgrading my 6S to iOS 10 the moment it...
  9. G

    CarPlay not showing in settings - iPhone 6

    Hi! I can't setup CarPlay on an iPhone 6. When I go to settings, general, the CarPlay option is not there. Is there anything else I have to do to see it? I am using the latest beta of iOS 10. Thanks for your help! Gus
  10. H

    [VIDEO]iOS 10 beta 7 on iPad 4 demo

    Hi guys, I created a video in which you can see how the latest beta of iOS 10 performs on the slowest supported iPad, namely the iPad 4 (a.k.a. iPad 4th generation / iPad with Retina display). In this video I open and use almost all stock apps, as well do I show the new lock screen, control...
  11. Madmarshall88

    Upgrading from iOS 10 public beta to iOS 10 general public release?

    Hey folks, I haven't ever gone from the beta to the official iOS release before. Will the official iOS 10.0 release version be available automatic OTA or will I have to do something manually to upgrade to it? Thanks! p.s. I'm on public beta 6 at the moment, will there be any more features...
  12. R

    More evidence that "Dark Mode" is coming

    Not sure if this is common knowledge, but more evidence that "Dark Mode" is on it's way. If you ask Siri "What is the status of Dark Mode", her reply is "I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that question. But you can find out in Settings". ios 10 beta 5
  13. psionicsin

    Apple News "Story Unavailable"

    Hey guys So I've noticed that after updating to iOS 10 (developer here), all of my self-curated sites that I've added suddenly get the "Story Unavailable" pop up when I try to access them. I spent a REALLY LONG TIME adding specific sites to Apple News as these are the sites that I follow and...
  14. Ciskmlt

    Cannot enroll device

    hey guys. So i signed up for the public beta. Went to the ios public beta website clicked sign up accepted the terms and conditions. But after i do this Im returned to the public beta sign up and no were do i have a link to download the profile. Its a new 6s and i dont have any previous profiles...
  15. M

    Polar Beat app with H7 strap - iOS 10 Beta issues

    Several issues with this app: Polar App will not allow basic iOS functions while operating. 1.) If I am using the HRM (running, or workout) AND the polar app is on the screen (meaning, it is present in the screen when on) the iPhone will not ring, messages do not come through, news events as...
  16. N

    iPhone Downgraded from iOS 10 b2 to iOS 9.3.3 WORST IDEA

    So my iPhone 6S Plus was running the iOS 10 public beta 2. I finally decided the hell with it let me get rid of this beta and go on 9.3.3. Apparently that was a BAD idea. My "phone" app instantly crashes whenever I try to open it, but after 3-5 times it will open. Or if I open up multitask and...
  17. Jal217

    Archive or Trash all in iOS 10 beta

    My mail app won't show the "trash all" or "archive all" options when in an inbox and pressing edit. It was a new feature in iOS 9. Did I turn off a setting I'm just missing or did they remove the feature?
  18. Internet Enzyme

    Bug in iOS 10 Beta Gives Credence Towards Lightning Headphones

    When listening to music in the iOS 10 beta, if you unplug the Lightning cable from the device (while having headphones plugged in), the music will pause for around half a second or so. I believe that the pause occurs because the normal behavior when unplugging headphones is to pause the music...
  19. B

    Memories Discussion

    There has been a little talk here and there about the new Memories feature, and I was curious to hear about other people's experiences with it so far. I think it's a great addition to the Photos app, and the instant content creation is a great tool for the average consumer that either doesn't...
  20. I

    IOS 10 - American Airlines App - Error

    I noticed today while trying to get through security at LAX that on the boarding pass I am missing the words"Pre Checked". All you see is a green check mark. Security would not allow me to enter the TSA Pre checked line. Once I got to the check in desk and he scanned my wallet boarding pass it...