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iOS 11 Installed on 10% of Devices 24 Hours After Launch


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's newest operating system, iOS 11, is seeing slower adoption rates than iOS 10 saw during the same adoption period last year, according to data collected by analytics company Mixpanel. As of 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, 24 hours after iOS 11 was released, the OS is installed on 10.01 percent of devices.

24 hours after iOS 10 was released last year, it was installed on 14.45 percent of devices. iOS 9, after its release in 2015, was installed on 12.60 percent of devices 24 hours after launch, and iOS 8 saw similar adoption rates in 2014.

iOS 11 was not affected by installation issues or other problems like iOS 10 was, but past issues with new iOS releases may be keeping some users from upgrading right away. The iOS 11 update also disables all 32-bit apps, another factor that could be holding some users back.

Adoption rates often spike up a bit over the weekend when people have more free time to make major software updates to their devices, so iOS 11 could catch up to iOS 10 at that point.

As people begin adopting iOS 11, iOS 10 adoption is trending downward. iOS 10 is now installed on 84.55 percent of devices, while 5.44 percent of users continue to run an older version of iOS.

iOS 11 is a free download that's available for download on the iPhone 5s and later, iPad mini 2 and later, and the 6th generation iPod touch. There are dozens of new features in iOS 11 and several overhauled interface elements, so it's worth an upgrade if you haven't already. For full details on what's new iOS 11, make sure to check out our iOS 11 roundup.

Article Link: iOS 11 Installed on 10% of Devices 24 Hours After Launch

manu chao

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Jul 30, 2003
What happens after I update an iOS device over-the-air to iOS 11 and connect it to a computer running iTunes 12.6.2 (ie, the last iTunes version with the App Store)? Can iTunes 12.6.2 backup devices running iOS 11? Can it transfer files? Can it sync non-app items (music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, podcasts)? I assume the beta versions of iOS 11 did work with iTunes 12.6.2, so technically the GM of iOS 11 should so too.
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Jun 5, 2007
There are also a lot more phones added to that pool every year so of course the percentage will go down.

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Jan 1, 2008
Just an FYI to 5S users if you haven't updated you will find a lot of lag and overall slowness. On the plus side it seems my Apple music now remember the playlist and song it was last playing after long periods of time not listening or switching to full library when connecting to a new BT device (usually my car did this but didn't do it yesterday after updating).

Also nice to have low battery mode and hotspot shortcuts in control centre by why no settings shortcut Apple? Also clearing a notification on the lock screen clears it in the regular notification tab so no more having to double action notifications. Please group by app in next update please?

Just wish it didn't slow down the phone as much as it did but should be replacing it within a few months so I'll try and put up with it till then. Overall pros outweigh the slow down con but be warned it will be slow and laggy on a 5S but that really wasn't a surprise. I mean it's a 4 year old smartphone.


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Nov 23, 2011
The new control center and customization of iMessage app order is very welcome. But touchid to get to home screen feels slower, and the massive titles in apps like messages, mail, and phone are just awful. How did those make it through. So much white space. Also, the new app store is the worst.


Dec 7, 2013
But let me turn-off Bluetooth (or Wifi)! You don't even have a 3000mAh battery!

Funny, Apple talks about allowing Rights, Choice but
"Apple says users should try to keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on for the best experience on an iOS device".
It's like an AI is forcing people to live & breathe in a certain way. I live in India, these are useless and will only drain my battery outside my home while I do use Wifi.

Question: How about flights? No issues?
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There are also a lot more phones added to that pool every year so of course the percentage will go down.


Depends on where they got their data.

If it comes from Apple, then it's the same kind of source that Android uses in its OS reports: it is based on people hitting each OS' app store in the past few days.

Older devices are less likely to do that, and of course with updates sometimes people or their devices will hit the store to update apps.


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Aug 28, 2017
Yikes! Apple / Tim Cook have egg their face!!

Is there any good news at all?!


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Sep 24, 2009
Is it just me or do AR apps not work on iPhone6?? Tried 3 free ones and NONE work. What am I missing? I did a clean install and everything.


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Jul 3, 2012
But let me turn-off Bluetooth! I don't feel like owing my device. You don't even have a 3000mAh battery to constantly turn-on Wifi-Bluetooth.

never turned it off on any of my iphones... never had battery problems..
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