iOS 11 Wishlist: Features MacRumors Readers Are Hoping to See in the Next Version of iOS


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple will introduce the next-generation version of iOS, iOS 11, on June 5 at its Worldwide Developers Conference. While WWDC is less than two weeks away, we've haven't heard many details on what we can expect.

There's talk about an overhauled design and an updated user interface along with rumors of new functionality for the iPad, but beyond that, we don't know what's coming, and we don't know what that new user interface will look like. In the absence of rumors, we've taken a look at some of the most-desired features MacRumors readers are hoping for in iOS 11, culled from our forums.

Unsurprisingly, many readers are looking forward to a new design and an overhauled interface. Here are some of the things readers want in a design refresh:

- Animated icons - Allowing developers to add small animations to app icons is something that iOS users have been wanting for several years. With access to subtle animations, apps like Fantastical could feature an icon with the current date, or third-party weather apps could display the current temperature.

- iPhone complications - The Apple Watch interface features multiple complications or small icons that let Apple Watch users glean information at a glance. On the iPhone, complications could be added to the lock screen or the Home screen to serve the same function, letting users see information like weather or activity level without needing to open an app.

- Customizable Control Center - iOS 10 made a mess of the Control Center, splitting it into three screens. MacRumors readers are hoping for a more unified design with the ability to choose what icons and functions are displayed. Expanded 3D Touch for more granular control over Control Center options would also improve the Control Center.

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Aug 10, 2007
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I don't like the Contacts app from its very beginning. It should be able to let you choose if you want to see the photo of that contact in the list. It would be pretty handy for me since I have multiple contacts that the first and last name are the same.
Apple should integrate Contacts into the Phone app, why have a separate app for it.


Sep 22, 2012
Why is not more attention being brought to multiple AirPlay audio outputs from iOS.

I could buy a Microsoft Surface and use iTunes, but nothing for iPhone or iPad still.
I believe you need Bluetooth 5.0 like the S8, but I might be wrong.
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