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Apr 17, 2017
Cupertino, CA
iOS 12 Beta 2

Release Date ― June 19, 2018 (DevB2), PB1 (Released June 25, 2018)
Build Number ― 16A5308e
Darwin Kernel Version ― 18.0.0: Wed Jun 13 21:04:46 PDT 2018; root:xnu-4903.\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8015

Report all issues at or with the Feedback app.

New Features & Changes
  • AirPlay icon color changed to blue when streaming to external source (#62)
  • Revamped iCloud Keychain Suggestion Safari AutoFill UI (#67)
  • New SIM Pin UI (#78)
  • Redesigned Battery Level & Activity chart (#85)
  • New Screen Time, Downtime, App Limits, Voice Memos, Content & Privacy splash screen (#104)
  • New Sim Lock screen (#78)
  • Face ID authenthication now says "Scanning with Face ID" (#125)
  • Ability to view this device or all devices Screen Time (#126)
  • Redesigned Status Bar Location icon (#147)
  • Larger text size for categories of Media Types and Other Albums under Albums tab in Photos app
  • iPhone 6S haptic feedback (vibrating) on sucessful TouchID recognition
  • Settings —> General —> Restrictions has been removed. Restrictions are now set through Screen Time (also in Beta 1)
  • Smaller text size for search result in App Store
  • New "Personalization" under your App Store account setting (#307)
  • Ability to 3D Touch on the Now Playing bar in Music app
  • Redesigned icons under Share settings
  • Added "Siri Suggestions" under Notification settings
  • New Spotlight section in Browse tab in News app
  • Now Playing indication when listening to a chapter in the Podcast app
  • Improvement to Measure app
  • Ability to copy notes for OTA update settings
  • On iPad, left upper status bar time now shows AM/PM
  • iPad receives iPhone X grabber upper right corner for Control Center
  • "Time Travel" removed from Watch app
  • New 3D Touch animation on Notification
  • Holding down on the Space key will activate trackpad like older device for new devices with 3D Touch
  • Increase Contrast and Reduce Transparency have been separated and moved to Settings —> General —> Accessibility
  • Increase Contrast now makes certain colors much darker
  • New prompt asking user to update AirPort Express software in order to use device with Home App + AirPlay (Image)
  • Content and privacy settings can no longer be enforced. In iOS 11, it is possible to disable Siri and dictation button completely. Now, it is no longer possible. Apps may also start requesting permission each time the app is launched.
  • No longer show Bluetooth icon in the Control Center when enabled
  • iPad renders iPhone 6 size for iPhone only apps
  • No "Call Ended" screen when end the call and springs straight into Home Screen
  • Mail & Sent Mail vibrate is set to None as default
  • When exiting an app in Smart Invert mode the home screen is dim for a few sec
  • onds
  • Favicons in Website & App Password list and in-app Autofill Password list
  • Darker blue for Weather app
New Issues
  • The Photos app crashes when removing a “Subscriber” from a shared album that has already unsubscribed on their own
  • The Weather widget may not function in iOS 12 beta 2 for some users
  • Updating from iOS 10.2 and earlier to iOS 12 beta 2 via iTunes may not supported
  • Notification action buttons might become illegible when Increase Contrast settings are enabled
  • Playback might not pause when only one of the AirPods is removed from your ears
  • CarPlay might not connect to certain vehicles
  • HomeKit: Inviting iOS 11 users who have multiple email addresses associated with their Apple ID to a home might not succeed
  • The navigation button isn’t present in the Share Options sheet while using the Add People feature in iWork
  • Group FaceTime calls cannot be initiated between iOS 12 beta 2 and the first iOS 12 beta release
  • Some FaceTime video calls might be interrupted by a ‘poor connection’ message
  • FaceTime might unexpectedly quit on launch
  • If a user attempts to enable a SIM PIN the iOS device will lose cellular service
  • Screen Time will reset after updating to beta 2. Some users are seeing the Settings app crash when they attempt to launch Screen Time (even after resetting all settings.) Also, Screen Time limits cannot be overridden for some users. It may not show screen time for specific devices but would show for all devices.
  • Siri: When Siri’s language is set to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean it isn’t possible to set up “Hey Siri”.
  • Siri: When a user connects a playback device such as headphones, the Media Player UI might not display artwork
  • When recording a custom Siri Shortcuts phrase, the user might not be able to tap Done to save the Shortcut
  • Voice Memos might not sync between devices even when enabled via Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Voice Memos
  • Misalignment in status bar in the Control Center for iPhone X
  • iPhone 8/8+ haptic feedback when unlocking with Touch ID even if haptic is disabled
  • Hit "Remind Me" in an incoming call will return to Home Screen but the device will continue to ring and vibrate while still in call
  • Saving slo-mo points video clip edit will crash Photos app
  • Exchange Push is not working with MDM devices
Third Party Apps Issues
  • New Issues
    • Netflix might unexpectedly quit when downloading a video
    • Twitter might display a blank login screen
    • Taobao might unexpectedly quit on launch
  • Remaining Issues
    • Skype might unexpectedly quit after logging in (Fixed in latest version 8.24)
    • Clash Royale bug on iPhone X only; Open Clash Royale, Go to card collection but nowhere else, set your brightness to zero. It will start to stutter. You can make it smooth again using multiple methods; 1. start screen recording, 2. increase brightness, or 3. enable smart invert. Sometimes, making a screenshot will trigger the lag as well as getting a notification; this will sometimes either stop or start the stuttering
    • Auto-Lock screen doesn´t work in iBooks neither in normal and Power Save Mode.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Some EA games (Real Racing 3, Sims 3 Free Play) might unexpectedly quit on launch
    • Some users might be unable to log in to or view account information in the Bank of America app
    • Citi Mobile might unexpectedly quit on launch
    • Untapped 3.3 resolves the issue of being unable to log in or load the app
Remaining Issues
  • Universal Links might not open the expected target app
  • Certain languages may exhibit clipped or misaligned layout or display unlocalized text
  • Activity: The route map for a workout might be unavailable
  • Activity: Awards tab spins; never actually loads
  • Voice Memos don't sync to iTunes
  • iPod touch (6th generation), iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPad Air support only audio (no video) during Group FaceTime calls in iOS 12 beta
  • In iOS 12 beta, Camera Effects in Messages is available only on iPhone SE and iPhone 6s or later and is unavailable on iPad. Camera Effects in FaceTime is available only on iPhone 7 or later and is unavailable on iPad
  • Wi-Fi calls might end unexpectedly when transitioning from Wi-Fi to cellular while on the T-Mobile network
  • Voicemail notifications might be inconsistent and not appear when the device is locked
  • Siri: Messages might not launch when tapping on message.
  • Adding shortcuts to Siri might fail for shortcuts with images in PDF format.
  • Siri Suggestions for Shortcuts are enabled on iPhone 6s or later, iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 4
  • Delay or unable to accurately pinpoint location on iPhone models with Intel modem for some users (See)
Resolved Issues
  • The ”Maps Nearby” widget buttons don't launch the Maps app
  • Opening an iWork document via AirDrop or Files app might cause the device to become unresponsive
  • Time Zones might not update automatically
  • Vibration alerts on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus might be unexpectedly loud
  • App Store: Signing into a previously-used sandbox account during the In-App Purchase flow might produce unexpected results
  • ApplePay: When an Apple Pay payment sheet is presented in Safari on a Mac without Touch ID, you won't be able to confirm the payment if your iPhone or Apple Watch display is off
  • Alarms are currently unavailable while using CarPlay
  • Keyboard: While typing in certain apps, keyboard suggestions may overlap
  • Personal Hotspot might be unavailable
  • The Calls on Other Devices using your carrier account feature is unavailable on iOS 12 beta
  • During a Group FaceTime call, the text overlay feature might remain invisible until the preview window is moved downward
  • Users might be unable to configure Call Forwarding
  • Wi-Fi Calling might be disabled after updating to iOS 12 beta
  • Attempting to add an additional participant to a FaceTime call with many participants might not succeed
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) customers using the Bell network in Canada might experience an error message when attempting to sign up for a cellular plan or when attempting to access ‘Manage Bell Account’.
  • During a FaceTime call, iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation), and iPad (6th generation) don't send video to the receiving device
  • Photos: Search results might be unavailable when using languages other than English
  • Safari: Rotating the device while viewing a PDF in Safari might prevent the PDF from scrolling or maximizing layout width
  • Siri might produce unexpected responses to “Where is my…” queries
  • Siri: When performing a shortcut in Siri, custom responses won't be included in the confirmation dialog text which Siri reads
  • Wifi-only iPads no longer show mobile signal bars
  • Set up Screen Time for Family now works under Screen Time settings
  • Fixes 3D Touch Timer slider that would only show "0 seconds"
  • Fixed App Store Previews where it would show images and videos of different apps
Additional Notes
  • Certain apps may not be fully compatible with iOS 12. Contact developer for support. See list of current compatible apps.
  • Downgrading to iOS 11.4 may reset Notification setting and may cause blank app icons.
iOS 12 Preview

  • Qualcomm iPhone 7/7 Plus: 4.04.00
  • Intel iPhone 7/7 Plus: 2.04.07
  • Qualcomm iPhone 8/8 Plus/X: 2.04.00
  • Intel iPhone 8/8 Plus/X: 1.05.08
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus/SE: 7.05.00
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus: 5.04.00
  • iPhone 5S: 10.02.01
United States
  • Verizon - 32.5.29
  • Verizon iPads - 30.5
  • T-Mobile - 32.5.18
  • T-Mobile iPads - 32.5.2
  • AT&T - 32.5.32
  • MetroPCS -
  • U.S. Cellular - 32.5.9
  • Sprint - 32.5.7
  • TracFone/Straight Talk - 32.5.19
United Kingdom
  • O2-UK - 32.0
  • BT-UK - 32.0
  • Three - 32.5.8
  • EE - 32.5.13
  • Vodafone UK - 32.0
  • Orange B - 32.5.7
  • Videotron -
  • Rogers - 32.5.10
  • Fido - 32.0
  • Bell -
  • Telus - 32.5.7
  • Freedom Mobile - 32.5.9
  • Orange France - 31.5.1
  • Orange Morocco - 31.5
  • O2-DE -
  • - 32.0
  • - 31.5.3
  • KPN -
Southeast Asia
  • Singapore Singtel -
  • Philippines Globe - 32.5.2
  • Philippines Smart - 31.5
  • Thailand AIS -
  • Malaysia Umobile - 32.0
  • Malaysia Maxis -32.0
  • Malaysia Digi -
  • Malaysia celcom -
  • Comviq -
  • Tre - 31.0
  • Meteor
  • Optus - 32.0
  • Telstra - 32.0
  • Turkcell (Lifecell) - 32.0
  • Vodafone TR - 32.0
  • Turk Telekom - 32.0
  • T-Mobile -
  • Orange - 32.0
  • Play - 31.0
  • Airtel - 32.0
  • Jio - 32.1 (previously 32)
  • Mexico - Telcel - 32.0
  • TIGO GT -32.5.6
  • Docomo - 32.5.10
  • AlwaysOnline -


  • iOS_12_beta_2_Release_Notes.pdf
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Original poster
Apr 17, 2017
Cupertino, CA
Please, look out for these issues if it still applies to this build

Remaining Issues

  • Personal Hotspot might be unavailable
  • Measure app may be located in a random folder after installing iOS12
  • Cell bars are in the status bar on Wifi only iPads
  • While typing in certain apps, keyboard suggestions may overlap
  • App Store Updates count above updates icon
  • Wi-Fi calls might end unexpectedly when transitioning from Wi-Fi to cellular while on the
    T-Mobile network
  • Wi-Fi Calling might be disabled after updating to iOS 12 beta
  • Voice Memos don't sync to iTunes
  • Apps that were on Recent Apps tab on iPad while installing iOS12 disappeared from home screen
  • AirPods don't pause if you remove one from your ear, forgetting the device and repairing fixes this.
  • In Cellular setting, swipe left on almost anything and it pops up an option to delete
  • AirPort Express resurfaces as HomeKit Accessories compatible but unable to add to HomeKit app
  • Alternative sorting of App Store reviews doesn’t work
  • Auto-Lock screen doesn´t work in iBooks neither in normal and Power Save Mode.
  • Adding wallpaper to the lock screen from photos app causes image distortion once applied.
  • Mails app may be unable to send email. Receiving email takes longer than usual and have a chance to fail. Eventually mail app will slow down like crawling and almost stops working. Restarting the phone might solve the issue but not for long.
  • iPhone displays ISP name and “3G” or “4G” like this: “Telstra 4 G”.
  • Can not set to “Stop Playing Music” in Clock app.
Third party apps issues
  • Skype: might unexpectedly quit after logging in
  • Some EA games (Real Racing 3, Sims 3 Free Play) might unexpectedly quit on launch
  • Bank of America: Some users might be unable to log in to or view account information in the Bank of America app
  • Citi Mobile: might unexpectedly quit on launch
  • Gmail: Notification Badge on Gmail apps remain even after deleting email. Need to close out and reopen app
  • Facebook Messenger: if you go to a conversation, click back, then go back to that conversation will result in a keyboard glitch.
  • Facebook Messenger: now not possible to add an existing photo from your library to a chat
  • Clash Royale: lags when you set the brightness to 0 (iPhone X only)
  • Microsoft Team: may quit unexpectedly shortly after launching.
However, certain apps may not be fully compatible with iOS 12. Contact developer for support. See list of current compatible apps.
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