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Oct 26, 2021
Part of me goes ‘why’? All these Lock Screen widgets… simply replicate, in most cases, me simply swiping right on my Lock Screen. Plus not sure why we need the extra ‘search’ button on the Home Screen. Doesn’t it do exactly what a swipe down does? (Needless to say I have toggled that extra button ‘off’.). Not being negative but it feels like a load of duplication on functions that already exist. Maybe I am missing something.

(Guessing in ios17, no doubt, they will remove the options to swipe right and swipe down as described above and I will have to convert!)
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Sep 16, 2005
Why’s everyone so upset about being able to customize the Lock Screen?

Not upset about customizing, but unhappy that the lock screen I had is not deemed 'legacy' and cannot be edited - I have to go and re-find that photo. But, while it's legacy, they changed the time font on me. If it really was legacy, leave the whole thing as it was...
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