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Apr 12, 2001

There's just over a week to go until the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference, which is one of the biggest Apple events of the year. We've heard surprisingly little about iOS 16 this year, so we're in for some major surprises when June 6 rolls around.


As we wait for the keynote event, we thought we'd share some iOS 16 wishlist items from MacRumors readers, because who knows? We just might see some of these features in the next-generation version of iOS. Everything on this list is sourced from iOS 16 discussion on the MacRumors forums.


  • More control over placement of app icons on the Home screen
  • Option to hide or move dock
  • Option to add more apps to dock
  • Always-on clock on Lock screen
  • Customizable quick launch buttons to replace Camera and Flashlight
  • Dark mode icons
  • Split view on iPhone
  • A screen for most recently used apps
  • Battery percent in status bar
  • Support for themes and a theme store
Widgets and Control Center

  • Lock screen widgets
  • Interactive/live widgets
  • Control Center API for third-party apps

  • Clear all button for notifications
  • LED visual for notifications
  • Mac-style browser notifications
  • Option to snooze notifications
  • Universal notifications - notifications clear from all devices when read on one

  • Scheduled texts in Messages
  • RCS support for Messages
  • Read receipts and typing indicator for Messages group chats
  • Option to delete all attachments in Messages
  • Edit feature for Messages
  • Scheduled sending and snooze in Mail
  • Equalizer settings for the Music app
  • Non-precise location sharing in Find My
  • Find My location history
  • HomeKit guest mode
  • Better organization in Settings, including submenu for third-party apps
  • Option to prevent a photo from being synced to all devices

  • Different ringtones for each SIM
  • Better budgeting tools for Apple Card
  • Folder/app locking
  • Face ID authentication instead of CAPTCHAs
  • Stock keyboard haptic feedback
  • Option to share actual Focus status (working, sleeping, etc)
For the iPad

  • Calculator app
  • Weather app
  • Support for separate app windows
  • Support for multiple users
What's Rumored

In years past, we've had early versions of iOS leak out, giving us a fairly good idea of what to expect. That's not the case this year, and we only have a few details on what could be included in iOS 16.

The iPhone 14 Pro models won't have a standard notch, which means we could see some minor design changes, and there are rumors about Health app improvements, such as a medicine management tool.

Unspecified notification updates are in the works, and we could see emergency satellite messaging features and updates related to car crash detection. iPadOS 16 might be getting new multitasking features, and we could also see support for services that Apple is working on, such as a hardware subscription service.

You can read a bit more about what might be coming in our dedicated iOS 16 roundup.

What Else Do You Want to See?

Hoping for suggestions that aren't featured in our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Article Link: iOS 16 Wishlist: Features MacRumors Readers Want to See in the Next Version of iOS
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Jun 2, 2007
An optional setting to “float” the most used apps to the first page of app display. I am often too lazy to sort my apps, maybe have a reordering of them for just the top “X” used apps in the past seven days where X represents the number of available app spots on the front home screen around widgets…
Highly requested: I’m just praying all the security and performance bugs gets fixed.

Exactly right. I'd love to see this for ALL of the Apple OSs:
  • Snow iOS
  • Snow Monterey
  • Snow iPad OS
  • Snow watchOS
  • Snow tvOS
...even for two years if it takes it. Get back to "just works" in everything. Imagine the joy in hardly ever finding a bug that affects use of Apple stuff. Imagine not having to simply "assume another bug" and hoping Apple will "eventually get to it."

Might that make for a boring WWDC or two? Maybe. But I sure wish I could spend much more time getting things done than trying to figure out ways around pesky bugs to then get things done.


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Jul 8, 2008
I want to see them fix the keyboard's predictive text feature. Currently, and for as long as I can remember, the keyboard will suggest 3 words as you type. The problem is that sometimes the same word will appear as you add new letters, but the word jumps from the right to the middle position, or it jumps from the 1st to the middle position. As you move to select the correct word, it will jump to another position, causing you to select the wrong word instead.

If the same word is going to be suggested, leave it in the same place so that when you go to select it, it won't jump to another place.

I can't believe this is still happening.


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Oct 25, 2016
Oh, and about the keyboard:
1. Remove the dot key or move it, when typing in the search bar in a browser.
2. Predicted words that appear on top of each letter typed, instead of on the top row (Blackberry had it at some point).
3. And about notifications: Unified messaging center to see and quick reply all messaging apps and Email.
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