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Apr 17, 2017
Cupertino, CA
iOS 17.2 Beta 1

Release Date
― October 26, 2023
Build Numbers ― 21C5029g
Darwin Kernel Version ― 23.2.0: Mon Oct 16 23:13:23 PDT 2023; root:xnu-10002.60.54.502.1~1

iOS 17.2 Beta 1 Release Notes

iOS & iPadOS 17.2 Beta Release Notes​

Update your apps to use new features, and test your apps against API changes.


The iOS & iPadOS 17.2 beta SDK provides support to develop apps for iPhone and iPad running iOS & iPadOS 17.2 beta. The SDK comes bundled with Xcode 15.1, available from the Mac App Store. For information on the compatibility requirements for Xcode 15.1, see Xcode 15.1 Release Notes.

Apple Music

Known Issues

  • The Favorite Songs playlist might take a while to appear on some iOS/iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS devices. (117219873)
    Workaround: Add a single song to your Apple Music library and the Favorite Songs playlist should appear within a few minutes.


Known Issues

  • AVCaptureEventInteraction does not currently respond to the Action button. (112861854)

Contact Key Verification

New Features

  • With iMessage Contact Key Verification, users can choose to further verify that they are messaging only with the people they intend. Contact Key Verification uses Key Transparency to enable automatic verification that the iMessage key distribution service returns device keys that have been logged to a verifiable and auditable map. When a user enables Contact Key Verification, they will be notified about any validation errors directly in the Messages conversation transcript and Apple ID Settings.
    For even higher security, iMessage contact key verification users can compare a Contact Verification Code in person, on FaceTime, or through another secure call. They can also choose to create or edit a contact and save a public key to turn on CKV with that person.
    All devices signed into your iCloud account must be on the minimum supported version of iOS 17.2 Beta, macOS 17.2 Beta, or watchOS 17.2 Beta. If you wish to keep using other devices on older versions of the OS, you will need to sign out of iMessage on these devices in order to enable contact key verification. (111356044)

Known Issues

  • The Learn More links do not link to Knowledge Base articles during Beta. (101563811)
  • When verifying another user, Contact Verification Code might not show if one user interrupts the flow. (114462363)
    Workaround: Both users restart the process.
  • After verifying a contact, the verificaton checkmark might not show up in Messages app. (116142336)
  • Users might see an error to Turned Off transcript every few hours. (116405131)
    Workaround: Dismiss the error.
  • Users might see that they’re are not eligible to enable Contact Key Verification on some of their upgraded devices. (117044482)
    Workaround: Retry after waiting at least 30 minutes.

Journaling Suggestions API

New Features

  • Journaling Suggestions provides a visual picker interface for iPhone apps. The picker displays personal Moments that occur in someone’s life, such as their workouts and exercise, places they visit, a trip they take, a person they connect with, their photo memory highlights, Photos in their library, a song or podcast they listen to. Only suggestions explicitly added by the user will be shared with an app. If your app donates activities or interactions to SiriKit or CallKit or if someone authorizes your app to save data to HealthKit, some data might show up as part of Journaling Suggestions. (117044228)


Known Issues

  • Unlocalized string shown for member count in the full screen Map View of Group Messages might appear (e.g. DETAIL_NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE_LABEL). (117287022)

Personal Hotspot @Daily Build Status: Resolved Issue

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Certain Android devices might be not be able to connect to iPhone Personal Hotspot due to a known issue with older Android networkstack code. (113517807)


New Features

  • New pricing properties price, currency, and currencyCode are now available on Transaction. If an offer was applied to the transaction, a new property offer is available to see information about it (id, type, payment mode), as well as convenience properties offerID, offerType, and offerPaymentMode. (106650768)

StoreKit Testing in Xcode

New Features

  • New testing functionality to send Purchase Intents to apps using StoreKit Testing in Xcode from the Transaction Manager. (101034395)


New Features

Use _logChanges() to log causes of SwiftUI view updates.
Call the new debugging method `_logChanges()` in the body of a SwiftUI view to

log information about why the system is updating the view. For example:
struct MyView: View {
var body: some View {
let _ = Self._logChanges()
// … rest of view body …

As well as the physical property names, “@self” marks that the view value itself has changed, and “@identity” marks that the identity of the view has changed (that is, that the persistent data associated with the view has been recycled for a new instance of the same type).
The new `_logChanges()` method is like the existing `_printChanges()` one,

except that the new method uses the system console, which is useful in some debugging workflows.
Calls to `_logChanges()` log at the info level to the ""

subsystem with the category “Changed Body Properties”. (113352555)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Resolved a possible Swift access conflict crash that could occur with toolbar items. (113992797)


Known Issues

  • In widgets Text(_:style:) does not animate its content by default. (107582710)
    Workaround: To explicitly request an animation, use the View.contentTransition(_:) modifier.

New Features & Changes
New Issues
Remaining Issues
Resolved Issues

Additional Notes

How to install beta via OTA?
  1. Enable Beta Updates (Settings>General>Software Updates>Beta Updates)
  2. Check and sign into the right Apple ID to access beta
  3. Select which beta you would like to receive (Public/Developer)
  4. Hit "Back" and pull down to refresh
  5. Do an encrypted backup or iCloud backup before installing the beta from release build
  6. Install the beta
If you no longer wish to receive beta updates:
  1. Turn off the Beta Updates (you can also sign out of your Apple ID to unlink your developer account)
  2. Wait for the next public release or follow the guide below to install the IPSW release build
Troubleshoot: Sometimes, the beta update will not show so you may need to enable/disable Airplane Mode or restart your device before rechecking for update.

How to install beta via IPSW on Mac?
  1. You will need to install either Xcode beta or MobileDevice.pkg which can be extracted from the Xcode beta (tap with two finger or right click to Show Package Content>Contents>Resources>Packages>MobileDevice.pkg - this will work on older Macs that do not support the latest macOS or Xcode beta)
  2. Do an encrypted backup in Finder in case you need to restore your device
  3. Hold down Option + Check for Update and select the appropriate IPSW file for your device (whether you're updating to a newer/beta firmware, reinstalling the same firmware or downgrading to previous firmware while retaining all your data) downloaded from Apple using your free developer account. Note: You must have an active internet connection as it will check the IPSW signing status before it will proceed with the update.
  4. Enter your iPhone passcode once prompted to proceed.
  • Always keep a backup in case you need to restore your data if you restore your device
  • It may be better to close all apps before installing the updates and/or turn off your device for about a minute or restart a few minutes after your device is updated
  • You can also manually select the IPSW if you are restoring your device using Option + Restore iPhone. Restore will wipe all your personal data which you will need to restore your backup either using iCloud backup or Finder/iTunes backup
  • You do not need to install the MobileDevice.pkg from each Xcode beta version unless Finder does not recognize the new iOS beta
  • There is no MobileDevice.pkg equivalent to iTunes for PC which would require a new iTunes to support new/beta iOS
  • If you receive a new iPhone, you can connect to Mac to update or restore your device to the latest iOS before setting up your device.
  • You can also use the Recovery Mode/DFU to update or restore your device by manually selecting IPSW
  • iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Max: 1.22.01
  • iPhone 14/Plus/Pro/Max: 2.20.02
  • iPhone 13/mini/Pro/Max/SE (3rd gen): 3.20.02
  • iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Max: 4.20.01
  • iPhone 11/Pro/Max/SE (2nd gen)/iPad Air (4th gen): 5.00.00
  • iPhone XR/XS/Max: 5.50.04
  • Optus - 51.0
  • Telstra - 55.0
  • Vodafone AU - 51.0
  • BASE - 33.0
  • Orange B - 32.5.7
  • Proximus - 45.0
  • Telenet - 44.1
Brazil (updated 17.2 b1)
  • Claro Brasil - 56.5
  • Vivo - 56.5
  • TIM -
  • Oi -
  • Videotron - 53.0
  • Rogers - 56.5
  • Fido - 56.0
  • Bell - 56.5
  • Telus - 54.8.8
  • Public Mobile - 54.8.4
  • Freedom/Shaw Mobile - 54.8.6
  • Fizz - 53.0
  • Virgin Mobile - 50.0
  • 3 DK - 46.7.11
  • TDC 54.0
  • Bouygues Telecom - 40.0
  • Orange France - 55.0
  • - 56.0
  • - 56.0
  • O2-DE - 55.0
  • Cosmote - 38.0
  • TIGO GT - 49.0
  • Airtel - 54.10
  • Jio - 54.10.2 (iPhone) and 54.8.4 (iPad)
  • Vi India (Vodafone Idea) - 54.0
  • Eir - 33.5
  • Vodafone IE - 38.0
  • AT&T - 54.8.7
  • Telcel - 54.8.9
  • Orange - 50.0
  • KPN - 55.0
  • Vodafone NL - 45.0
  • T-Mobile -
  • Orange - 49.6.3 (Voice & SMS)
  • Play - 31.0
  • Vodafone P - 40.0
  • Orange RO - 55.0
Southeast Asia
  • Singapore Singtel -
  • Philippines Globe - 53.7.2
  • Philippines Globe (iPad) - 38.0
  • Philippines Smart - 56.0
  • Thailand AIS - 53.0
  • Thailand DTAC - 53.0
  • Malaysia Umobile - 33.0
  • Malaysia Maxis -33.0
  • Malaysia Digi -
  • Malaysia celcom -
  • Hong Kong - 32.0
  • Taiwan -
  • Orange ES - 56.0
  • DIGI ES - 54.8.4
  • Vodafone ES - 54.8.8
  • Movistar -
  • Comviq -
  • Tre - 31.0
  • Salt - 53.0
  • Sunrise - 54.0
  • Swisscom - 56.0
  • Turkcell (Lifecell) - 36.5.5
  • Vodafone TR - 32.0
  • Turk Telekom - 32.0
United Kingdom
  • EE - 55.0
  • BT-UK (EE MVNO)- 50.0.1
  • Three - 56.0
  • iD Mobile (Three MVNO) - 56.5
  • O2-UK - 50.0
  • Giffgaff (O2 MVNO) - 41.0
  • Sky (O2 MVNO) - 55.0
  • Vodafone UK - 56.0
  • Virgin Mobile (EE MVNO) - 39.5
  • Lebara (Vodafone MVNO) - 56.0
United States
  • AT&T - 56.5.1
  • Boost - 56.0
  • Cricket - 40.5.2
  • FirstNet - 55.0
  • FirstNet (iPad) - 41.7.6
  • Metro (TMO MVNO) - 56.5
  • Spectrum (VZW MVNO) - 56.0
  • T-Mobile - 56.5
  • TracFone/Straight Talk/Walmart Family Mobile - 56.5
  • U.S. Cellular - 46.7.24
  • Ultra/Mint Mobile (TMO MVNO) - 55.0
  • Verizon - 55.0
  • Verizon (iPad) - 41.0
  • Visible (VZW MVNO) - 51.0.1
  • Xfinity Mobile - 52.0
  • DNA - 52.7
  • Docomo - 32.5.10
  • AlwaysOnline -

Historical beta release chart
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Oct 18, 2022
Someone let me know if they fix input latency when playing games on a promotion display.
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Jun 10, 2015

Apple Music

Known Issues

  • The Favorite Songs playlist might take a while to appear on some iOS/iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS devices. (117219873)
    Workaround: Add a single song to your Apple Music library and the Favorite Songs playlist should appear within a few minutes.


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Jul 3, 2010
Still having issue with reminders widgets. Adding to the home screen doesn't allow me to pick any list. Saving/Done reverts to previous widget. Bug report filed


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Jul 3, 2018
There is a new option under Settings>Privacy & Security, labeled "Journaling Suggestions", toggling the "Discoverable by Others" option there on or off will cause the app to crash!
Could someone please verify and let me know if they encounter the same issue?


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Jun 11, 2018
Winston-Salem, NC
Is this new under iCloud? I have never noticed the sync now button before and the extra messages info.


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Jun 21, 2013
There is a new option under Settings>Privacy & Security, labeled "Journaling Suggestions", toggling the "Discoverable by Others" option there on or off will cause the app to crash!
Could someone please verify and let me know if they encounter the same issue?
Hopefully that will stop for you once the phone settles down a bit from reindexing, etc...
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