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Jul 14, 2012

1. New iCloud logos in iCloud settings panel for: iCloud Backup, iCloud keychain, and iCloud Drive. Link.
2. Spirometry data types are now available in HealthKit.
3. Predictive Type animation has been sped up.
4. iBooks has a download icon next to some fonts.
5. Swipe down access for Spotlight is much quicker.
6. Health app updated with new icons for Body data, Data Exporting, and new option for showing Medical ID on Emergency Lock screen.
7. You can now enable "optimize iPhone-memory" under iCloud photos.
8. New 'blur' when using spotlight. Now dynamically blurs background w/ app icons rather than just overlaying pre blurred image.
9. New Flyover data for London UK. (Extended from Greenwich to Dartford in South East).
10. Using the stock camera app no longer interrupts in-progress phone call.
11a. Control Center translucency is different. Much whiter tint on an iPhone 5s that beta 4.
11b. Control Center is stretched a bit. See screenshot of 11a and 11b!
12. Bug fixed where the bottom row of keys on keyboard activated the keys above them when composing a quick-reply.
13. Recovery Mode uses the icon for iTunes 12.
14. Denver & San Antonio have been added to Flyover Tour.


1. Control Center still doesn't swipe up properly when the keyboard is up.
2. New text messages indicator count (iMessage) don't change unless you open the thread from the message list. (Going directly to the message from the lock screen or message notification does not change the message count) on iPhone 5s.
3. iCloud Drive stuck on "upgrading" for some devices.
4. Status bar does not appear above the Home Screen in the App Switcher if it is entered from an app, but it is normal if it is entered directly from the Home Screen. See video of this, and see the screenshots!
5. After calling a number using the dialer in the phone app, the numbers and buttons at the top are misaligned when the call in ended.
6. Search builtin in iMessage takes 5-10 secs to search-able effect for new message, its slow (circumstances unspecified, not always the case)
7. Location Privacy settings for Reminders app only allows Never and While Using the App, and not Always. Location based reminders broken.
8. Speak Selection is still not working (for some people)
9. Photo thumbnails are blank in the Photo app when using the camera app to take photos
10. Status bar does not disappear when viewing a photo in the Messages app or when watching a video in portrait mode in Safari.
11a. Spotlight doesn't apply blurs when reduced transparency is on, even though the render quality gets lowered to improve Gaussian renders. Thus search results are barely readable.
11b. After turning reduced transparency off, Spotlight will stay monochrome and unblurred until respring (occurred on iPhone 5s).
12. Automatic iCloud downloads are still not working for apps.
13. After turn on Airplane Mode, the message "You must disable ariplane mode to place a call" does not display when make call from in Favorites or Recents.
14. Home button presses are sometimes registered as a double press despite the fact that the button was only pressed once.
15. Handoff does not work with Macs running Public Beta 1. (This feature previously worked with Macs running Public Beta 1 and iOS 8 beta 4.) UPDATE: SMS Relay works with iOS 8 beta 5 and Macs running Public Beta 2. App handoff still does not work.
16. Siri no longer automatically recognizes a song upon launch. You now must ask her to recognize the song beforehand.
17. When long tap on a number (ex 1-973-555-1212 ) in converstation in iMessage for "Send Message", new window can't type (no keyboard, no input field)
18. for select text in safari works not well as iOS 7, it's very hard to select text that i want.
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Jul 9, 2009
iPad download went quickly, but iPhone download is crazy slow. Still says 1 hour left.


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Feb 26, 2011
iCloud, iCloud Drive, Backup and keychain all have new icons in Settings.


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Sep 4, 2011
I've been here for 3 years and didn't know about the wiki feature till it was used for beta 4. I just had never seen it used anywhere or participated in threads that used it.


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Jun 5, 2013
"Enable SMS Relay

Jonathan's MacBook Air would like to use your phone number for SMS Relay"

First time I get this, macbook air is running mavericks, not yosemite.
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