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Sep 14, 2010

Please report bugs to

Beta 2

Build number: 13C5060d


  • Support for NumberSync on AT&T to make wifi calls even when your phone is not nearby.
  • It's now possible to dismiss the Safari View Controller with an edge swipe.

  • Un-paring and re-pairing the Apple Watch will no longer cause the Stocks glance to go missing.
  • Syncing Music to the Apple Watch has been fixed.
  • An issue impacting audio quality when playing audio over USB in some car stereos has been fixed.
  • A bug with iCloud Keychain has been fixed, so users should no longer see "Could Not Set Up iCloud Keychain" errors.
  • Videos with 'folw' track associations will no longer fail to play on 32-bit devices.

  • Messages - animation missing when tapping on Edit and then Cancel (the messages will just pop back).
  • If an iPhone in landscape mode (sleep/wake button facing upwards) with keyboad on screen is turned for 180 degrees to alternative landscape mode, keyboard rotating animation executes in an opisite direction than other UI elements.

Performance adjustments
  • iPad Air 2 runs noticeably smoother.

Beta 1


  • App Switcher - scrolling is more sensitive and a new animation is seen when scrolling to the far right of the app previews (beyond home screen preview)
  • Music - easier to see what music is on the device (Offline music) with new icons
  • SFSafariViewController - long tapping the Reload button in the SFSafariViewController now gives options to Reload Without Content Blockers and Request Desktop Site, like in Safari
  • SFSafariViewController - SFSafariViewController now supports 3rd party Action Extensions. Any Action Extension that works in Safari will also work in SFSafariViewController
  • Siri - Arabic added as a supported language.
  • Safari is much quicker doing successive swipe to go back/forward. Previously it would pause and block the action whilst the page was (at least partially) loaded. Now it's either quicker loading pages or allows a the action before it's loaded (still not quite as good as the back/forward buttons which register all successive taps)
  • Safari - If you get multiple alerts on a website, an option to block those alerts is offered. (See post here)
Bug fixes:
  • 3D-Touch - lag on homescreen (iPhone 6S Plus) on light and medium setting fixed
  • App Switcher - fixed a bug where the icon of the 3rd app on the app switcher would not appear until you scrolled towards it
  • Dynamic Wallpaper - screen no longer flashes black when switching to home screen from the app switcher
  • iCloud Drive - search inside folders and subfolders is fixed
  • Settings - settings scroll bug is fixed; however, it occasionally flashes the search settings field briefly before coming into view
  • Spotlight Search - pull down overlapping home screen icons is fixed with a workaround, increasing distance between icons and search bar.
  • App Switcher - settings screen in app switcher still blank
  • App Switcher - scrolling as far to the right as possible and tapping the home screen preview while holding it to the left side of the screen will make the animation jump
  • iCloud Keychain - sometimes, while setting up iCloud Keychain, you receive a Could Not Set Up iCloud Keychain error. Workaround: Reboot the device
  • Messages - animation missing when tapping on Edit and then Cancel (the messages will just pop back)
  • Music - "Show complete album" missing when you have less than the full album in My Music
  • Videos - videos with 'folw' track associations will fail to play on 32-bit devices.
  • If you "reduce transparency": ON, you can´t see the tapping indicator when you write in a white keyboard. No issues with black keyboard. This bug is present since ios 8. (as seen here: Youtube)
  • Restrictions menu is not translated properly (written like unicode style)
  • When an alarm goes off while the phone is locked, pressing the sleep button to snooze will freeze the lock screen. Unlocking it with Touch ID while it is on the frozen lock screen brings you to the home screen but the phone won't respond to touches there. Fix by locking and unlocking again. (Since 9.0)
Performance improvements/issues:
  • Improvements to multi-tasking on iPhone 4s (as seen here: YouTube)
  • Improvements to Force Touch lag on iPhone 6s+ (as seen here: YouTube)
  • App switcher is much smoother on iPhone 6+
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Oct 2, 2014
what bugs do you guys want me to check for to see if fixed?
Are 3D Touch menus any smoother? They're very sluggish on 9.1. Granted, I'm using a 6s Plus, but I heard they're slow on the 6s as well with 9.1.
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