iPad iPad 5 Spec's Leaked: 2Gb of Ram Confirmed

Discussion in 'iPad' started by lewisd25, Oct 6, 2013.

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    iPad 5 Spec's Leaked: 2Gb of Ram Confirmed

    The iPad 5 has been confirmed to have 2 Gb of RAM. The leak was from Sonny Dickson who has proven himself as a reliable source after revealing the specs of the iPhone 5S and 5C over twitter. He states that both the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will have Touch ID and come in space grey, silver and gold.

    He also stated that the iPad Mini will be running the A7 processor found in the iPhone 5S and will come with 1Gb of RAM. He went on to say the iPad 5 will have 2Gb of RAM.

    He has also leaked several pictures of the upcoming iPad's (like he done with the iPhone's) on his twitter.

    Twitter link - https://mobile.twitter.com/SonnyDickson

    2Gb of RAM tweet link - https://mobile.twitter.com/SonnyDickson/status/383480255370891264
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    1gb of ram and A7 with retina and touch ID
    this ipad mini is the one to keep for a few years, it should run fast
    im thinking it will be 64 bit too probably
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    It is 64 bit, it was confirmed in the tweets, 27th was the date of the tweet I think. I will get it for you.


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    Yes but is the Mini Retina?

    that's the big issue. Not that I care, but a lot of people do.

    I just have a feeling it isn't going to happen because of the weird scaling. They got around that with the Mini, as sort of a lucky trick.

    But i have a suspicion this has come back to bite them big time.

    (then again I didnt read the blog so if he says yes...nevermind :) )
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    Sep 10, 2013

    Someone eles beat you to it around 7:22 AM, and with an easy link as well.

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    Awesome, if its gold what's it going to look like being the shells of the iPhone are different from the iPads?
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    This is what I want to know as well. Not that it would be a deal breaker for me, I'm selling my iPad 2 any day now in anticipation of the next Mini.

    Wasn't there an article out a while ago on here that stated some code or something that they found in iOS 7 that had to do with double scaling the graphics and people assumed it had something to do with possible the Mini NOT being retina and using this retina trick to have the apps look better?
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    Think of it like this; if its retina, you get what you wanted, if not it will be fast as it is pushing a quarter of the pixels.

    It is looking like it wouldn't be retina though as it is the A7 and not the A6X; sorry.


    I was showing the specs of the device, not just an image of the new form factor.
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    I don't get this logic. To me the A6X would make zero sense in an iPad Mini with retina. It's a big, relatively power hungry chip that generates a lot of heat and is now using outdated technology. In terms of raw graphics power the A7 is, roughly, on a par with the A6X. The only major difference is the memory bandwidth. An A7 would make all the sense in the world for the Retina Mini, albeit possibly with a slight redesign and higher clocks.

    Think about it, the raw CPU and GPU power is there (CPU would likely be higher than the A6X actually) and running on 28nm will help with power requirements. Apple get 64 bit capabilities (and therefore dev support) into all of their new high end iOS devices in 2013 helping with future proofing. Yes, they might need to develop a fractionally different version of the chip primarily focused on the memory interface but that's going to result in a better set of compromises than the A6X would at this point (and might not be needed at all). Hell, it might even be cheaper as the R&D cost for the A7 would be spread over multiple devices and I suspect the A7 might be a cheaper chip to produce.

    Frankly if the tweet the OP reported is correct the lineup seems to make a great deal of sense:

    iPhone 5s - A7, 1.3Ghz, PowerVR G6430, 1GB RAM, Dual Core CPU
    iPad Mini Retina - A7, 1.4Ghz, PowerVR G6430, 1GB RAM, Dual Core CPU
    iPad - A7X, 1.4Ghz, Power VR G6630, 2GB RAM, Quad Core CPU

    It gives a really easy sell with clear distinctions between products, keeps costs down on the Mini Retina and transitions the entire high end line to 64 bit in the space of about a month which strikes me as a very Apple thing to do and something other Mini rivals can't match for a while.

    The really interesting bit though will be the iPad. Again, IF it's getting 2GB of RAM there's got to be a reason for that. Apple also need a hook to clearly mark it out from the Mini. I know I've banged on about this in the past but I'd expect them to do that via software, maybe iPad versions of their pro apps? With iWorks, iPhoto and iMovie going free there's certainly a slot in the App Store for a paid professional offering. For that matter a redesigned iWorks package brining a consistent look and feel along the lines of iOS7 to iOS, OS X and the web versions might make a lot of sense too...

    Ah who knows. We'll find out soon enough and fingers crossed that Apple continue their trend of going a little bit crazy when it comes to designing their AxX SoC's! :D
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    Am I the only one who thinks the ipad4 is plenty fast enough, and would be happy as long as the ipad5 maintains the good batterylife and gives you a lighter and smaller frame? Any bump in speed would just be a bonus.
  12. Eth123, Oct 6, 2013
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    People waiting for the 5 mainly want the new shell. The incremental speed bumps are a standard thing that occurs with every new model. Yes the 4 is fine with speed but it looks uglier due to old casing. The ipad 4 looks like the ipad 2. This reason alone makes the 5 a worthy purchase
  13. bobright macrumors 601

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    Yeah, have the iPad 3 and it just over time is not very comfortable. Lighter and smaller by width, height, and length? Sign me up I'm first in line.
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    While the lighter shell and smaller frame is nice, I'm looking forward to a faster processor and more ram just as much. Coming from an iPad 3, I think its all very much needed. I just hope the rumors prove to be true.
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    Aug 17, 2008
    To be honest I think speed is the most important thing to upgrade. The iPad should be a powerhouse because it's the only iOS device which actually can be used to be productive. I have the iPad 3 and it's getting kind of slow compared to my iPhone 5, iPad 4 is not that much faster.


    This does make sense, but I'm wondering what the iPad line-up will be.

    Currently we have the iPad 2, iPad 4 and iPad mini. I think Apple will put the iPad 2 to sleep so that will leave us with the iPad Mini and normal iPad. However, the current iPad Mini has an A5 chip and non retina display, yet the new Mini would have an A7 with retina display? That seems to much for the current price point, especially since the iPad 5 will have the same specs, so I suspect Apple will keep the current iPad mini around.

    My expecations for the line up:

    iPad Mini: $329
    iPad Mini Retina: $429
    iPad: $499
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    Atlanta, GA
  17. MartinAppleGuy macrumors 68020


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    Sorry, I was sleepy last night; your right. I believe that if they need an iPad 2 replacement the current iPad mini with an A6 (like the 5C got) with 1Gb of RAM. It it has to be the G6630 for the iPad 5, supposedly it can perform upto 1Tflop :)

    Apple won't go that far though, it will probably be capped at 200-300Gflops.
  18. Eth123 macrumors newbie

    Sep 2, 2013
    They can't charge more for the retina. Even if it costs more to manufacture this is the standard resolution nowadays. The beefed up mini 2 should cost the same as the mini 1 give or take a few pounds /dollars for inflation.
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    If the reveal date is the 15th, then invitations got sent out tomorrow/ the next day depending on your time zone.
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    Sep 27, 2013
    But seeing as think is from the man that was 100% right about the iPhone 5S and 5S leaks. All those images you saw we're from him. He was the one that leaked the colors, the specs of the 5&5C. He is also the one leaking all of the iPad 5 and mini 2 images as well as the specs. The iPad 5 WILL have an A7X clocked at 1.4-1.5 Ghz, 2Gb RAM and a G6630 GPU. The iPad mini 2 WILL have an A7 chip set, 1Gb of RAM and a G6430 GPU. Theses leaks are basically as good as apples word.
  21. Jambalaya macrumors 6502a

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    RAM. Basic question, will adding this make the iPad faster, if not what is the benefit

    Another numpty question, references above to new frame, so that implies the physical dimensions will change, I have a very nice Marc Jacobs case which fits the back of recent models, how much if a change expected will case fit ?

    Asking as intend to finally upgrade from iPad1
  22. watchthisspace macrumors 6502a

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    TL:DR, iPad Mini will have A7 so Apple can shift to a 64bit only architecture in a quicker manner :p
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    Upstate, NY
    If the iPad 5 does have some extra horsepower my plan to grab a refurbed 4 is getting squashed. Hmmm......
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    It is looking like the GPU jump will be massive. The iPad 4 sits in at 76.8Gbflops and the GPU that the iPad 5 is getting can perform upto 1Tflop (1024Gflops). Even if apple cap it, is will be around 200-300Gflops. And the RAM upgrade is needed as well; iOS 7 is not great on an iPad 4.

    You would be better getting an iPad 5 than saving £80. iPad 4 will only get upto iOS 8, the iPad 5 I'd look more at iOS 10 (iOS X) with it having more RAM.

    The upgrade is well worth the extra 80 pound. I am going to be getting a 64Gb iPad 5 on release :)


    The iPad 5 will have 8X the amount of RAM as the iPad 1. The RAM will help with more monotype intensive apps and also help when it comes to running future iOS's. It is looking like iOS 7 on an iPad 5 will give it around 1500mb free. An iPad 1 on iOS 5 has around 60. A lot more room to play with and it also helps with future proffing.

    And the case you have will not fit the iPad 5. The iPad 5 has bezels like the iPad mini now and is also a lot thinner and lighter.

    Hope this helped :)

    Ps- If a question is worth asking; it is not a numpty question :)


    Just to put the free ram in to contrast, the iPad 5 will have as much free ram ( ready for use) on iOS 7 as an iMac with 4Gb of RAM running mountain lion. It will allow for much more advanced apps and games.
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    Please, ImgTec said that Rogue aka PowerVR Series 6 would eventually be able to scale up to 1TFlops/sec. No current or near future implementation will do that.

    Also it seems Apples implementation of Rogue in the A7 is custom, so it's not really an G6430 but, well, custom like the PS Vita SGX543MP4+.

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