1. gregconquest

    Off-center wireless charging killed my iPhone 11?

    My phone was on an Anker wireless charger for an hour or two, but it was off center, to the right, about 1cm. The iPhone 11 was in a clear plastic case. The screen was dark, and the phone was very hot to the touch, about like charging a phone in the sun on a hot day. No combination of power...
  2. S

    MacBook Pro battery drain faster and get hotter then usual

    I posses my MacBook Pro since more then 3 years and never had big problems with it. Recently it started to heat up a bit more then usual(even if the fan ain't making much more noises) and the battery dies a lot faster. I tried to reset the battery and checked if there is any activity that is...
  3. C

    Normal or NOT? Playing 4k video on Macbook Pro 16

    Hello, after many days of research I decided to make a topic here and have more opinions from MBP 16 users. Like a week ago I decided I need a larger screen for my macbook and I bought LG 27UL650 4K IPS. I used at the beginning HDMI to USB-C for the connection. I went on the youtube to play a...
  4. Z

    what makes my iMac burning hot?

    Is there an application that will show in real time and live, what quests make my iMac hot?
  5. noorx02

    Mac heats up to >60C when using Apple Notes MBP 2014 (15 Retina)

    As the title says. The issue started today only happens when the Notes app is open (with iCloud sync on). On latest macOS.
  6. lbdesign

    iPad Mini 5 heat issues (warm , hot)

    I love my new iPad Mini 5 (an upgrade from a Mini 4). It's fast, zippy, fluid. But I am noticing a big difference in the normal operating temperature between my old Mini 4 and the new Mini 5. What has your experience been? When I'm using an app that plays video — like Youtube or Zoom. It...
  7. calliex

    2013 MacBook Pro 13 getting hot.

    My boss's bought a new 2018 MacBookpro nTB for work. He is a medical researcher does a lot presentations, runs Stata and Excel. He running two monitors off of it along with plugging various thumb drives and the occasional ext hard drive. It gets really hot, to the point he unplugs one of the...
  8. F

    iMac 2019 runs occasionally at 100°C? [Merged]

    With my former iMac I never bothered looking at things like temperatures and fan speeds. They said it just works, and it always did. But now in 2019 with all the stories about thermal throttling I wanted to see for myself if my new i9 iMac runs as smoothly as everyone says. I installed TG Pro...
  9. docatl

    Hot Macbook Pro : this is not a drill

    Hi, I run a MacBook Pro (15-inch Unibody, Mid 2012, 2.6GHz Core i7, 16GB, SSD, GT 650M 1GB) on an external 1080p display. The computer runs quite hot while doing light tasks like watching 1080p 60fps youtube video. I like it silent and the fans' noise bother me. I have always taken great care...
  10. WrightBrain

    CPU temps – 27 in vs 21.5

    I've done a lot of reading about how on the 27in iMac, the 4.2 Ghz i7 version runs hot and spins up the fan, while the 3.8 Ghz i5 version seems to run cooler. I was wondering if the 21.5 in iMac with the 3.6 Ghz i7 runs hot or not? Does anyone have any CPU temps to share? I was basically...
  11. P

    MBP i9 running hot?

    Hi all, I purchased a MBP i9 back in November. I've noticed that doing basic tasks, such as browsing the web, the notebook gets quite warm. If i start watching a youtube video, the fans kick at full blast. I've got an i7 provided by work and i'm sure it never gets as hot as the i9. I've seen...
  12. K

    How hot does the mackbook pro 13" 2018 run on normal usage?

    Hi, I'm about to purchase my first mackbook ever and I've been doubtfull between macbook pro 13 2018 and new MBA. But then I read about throttling issues on 2018 macbook pros line, I know apple released a patch that is supposed to "fix it" but I'd like to know from real owners what their...
  13. Z

    iPhone XS Iphone XS - Getting warm, but not hot. What's going on?

    I've noticed my Iphone XS gets warm even when doing very "easy" tasks, and it does this reasonably fast (a few minutes or so). It does not get hot, ever, only warm(er), and generally at the bottom of the screen. I have not noticed such a behavior on my other phones, including my previous SE...
  14. samosa

    iPhone XS My phone is getting hot

    Hi Everyone, I'm after some advice, since getting this phone i've noticed from beneath the camera it begins to heat up and spread downwards and the across (imagine an L) initially i put it down to the restore function of itunes from 6s to xs as it would've been working it's rear end off due to...
  15. W

    iPhone XS Max My iPhone Xs MAX Flashlight gets HOT, does yours?

    I usually walk my dog at night and use my phone's flashlight to see. Tonight, after walking the dog, I forgot to turn my flashlight off on the phone and put the phone in my front pocket with the camera side facing my leg, a few moments later I felt my leg was burning up. I quickly got the phone...
  16. SwissDataHoarder

    Macbook Pro 2018 after update 2

    Hello i made a poll about MacOS update 2. Would be cool if you can answer it to help other user with their purchase. Please everyone should answer, not only who has problems with the mac. thank you This poll is shared on apple...
  17. T

    2018 MBP 15 Running Hot When Sleeping

    I recently got the 2018 Macbook Pro 15 2.6GHZ/32GB/500GB. I also have a HooToo dongle and I'm finding that the MBP is running when. The MBP is plugged into power, the Hootoo is plugged into the MBP and my phone is plugged into the dongle. This is with the lid closed and the MBP sleeping. My...
  18. R

    MBP 2018 gets extremely hot while backup

    Hey there, today I did the first backup on my 15" (i7) MBP 2018. I connected a new Samsung T5 SSD via USB-C Port and started the back with time machine. After a few moments the MBP started to get extreme hot even the keyboard keys got warm. The CPU was used by just 50%. There was no App...
  19. maverick28

    MacbookPro mid2012 - fans not kicking off, running hot

    Hello, The specs: MacBookPro 15" mid2012 non-Retina, CPU 2.3, RAM 16 (Corsair), SSD 500 (Crucial MX 500 SATA 3) 2 days ago I maxed out my machine with RAM and the hard drive named above. Regardless of whether I plug in external drives (via USB 3-to-SATA 3 adapter: the external drive is the...
  20. Johnny Steps

    Resolved What should the post-patch 2018 temperatures be?

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased two days ago a 2018 MacBook Pro 15" i7 512GB 16GB RAM. Being aware of the whole heat issue and reading that there were some positive results to the post patch, I decided to take the plunge in purchasing one. Now, at the moment where I only have Safari open...