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Jan 3, 2014
Silicon Valley, CA
After about 1½ years of daily use my iPad Pro 10.5 and Pencil show battery wear. Cocoanut Battery shows the iPad at 78% of design capacity with only 290 cycles. The Pencil does not seem to go above 80% charge.

The main thing is that I used to be able to use it all day with plenty left when pluging in at night, I now have to nurse it in the evening. Since it is under AppleCare+ I am thinking of turning both in for battery fix, which according to what I heard Apple is just handling via a refurb swap.

The big hesitation is that its a 512GB model with lots of stuff in it. Restore over my smallish internet pipe will take forever and really hit my cap.

Has anybody done this? What was your experience?


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May 26, 2016
It all depends on what you have on the device. Why don’t you use iTunes backup?! At least that way all your media files will get copied over to a computer and you will only need to use your internet to download the apps again.


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Jan 28, 2017
My 10.5 battery seems fine after a year of light use. My pencil however started about 3 weeks ago behaving strangely. When I plugged it in I could see it draining on the widget before my eyes from 85% down to 7% in a matter of a couple minutes. It's like it was charging the iPad. Reset the iPad didn't help. Had the pencil swapped under AppleCare and it's normal now. In fact if I airplane mode the iPad briefly between uses the new replacement pencil will hold 100% or its last charge for many days in standby. The defective pencil seemed to lose charge even when not paired and just sitting around.
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Jul 11, 2008
I have a battery drain issue with my iPad Pro 10.5 512 GB cellular when in standby. Loses 10 -15% overnight without being used. coconutBattery reports my battery health at 88% after a year and a half so I don't qualify for a replacement yet. I've been researching this issue and find that a lot of 10.5 owners are exhibiting, what seems to me to be, high battery wear for a 1.5 year old device.

My pencil also drains in standby. i was reading somewhere that the pencil has an accelerometer in it. I use a case that has a pencil holder on it so my pencil is constantly being moved around with the iPad. I wonder if that contributes to the pencil drain?


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Jun 11, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Generally if you know that you have to take an iPad or iPhone in for service and there’s a strong chance of replacement you should do an iTunes backup. If only because wouldn’t it suck if there was an issue with the iCloud systems right when you need to restore.

Just know however that Coconut Battery results don’t mean crap at the Genius Bar. It has to be under a preset level per their diagnostics for any kind of covered replacement. I believe for an iPad it’s 80% (might be 70%), pencil I have no idea