1. B

    iPad Pro Does Apple "repair" or swap unit for cracked iPad Pro screen under AppleCare+

    I have a 2018 iPad Pro with a cracked screen. If I make an appt at a Genius Bar will apple replace my iPad on the spot with a replacement unit or does it send my unit somewhere to have the screen replaced? I have AppleCare+. I ask this because I know for iPhones Apple will actually replace...
  2. DeanLubaki

    Other Warning: The monthly AppleCare+ is NOT transferable

    Hello! For those like me that enjoy upgrading to new devices every year, be warned that unlike the "single payment" AppleCare+, you can't transfer the monthly AppleCare+. That means if you buy the 11 Pro Max on the monthly AppleCare+, then want to sell it next year, the buyer won't have...
  3. R

    No AppleCare+ for me?

    I bought a NEW iMac 27" 2017 on a deal from B&H last week. I also bought AppleCare+ through B&H. Shipping notification said I would receive my AppleCare+ directly from Apple. I didn't get a serial number from B&H for my AppleCare+ I decided to check my coverage at I put...
  4. Darrix

    Applecare+ Question

    I live in the midwest, and the one time that I did not put my MacBook Pro in my case, I slipped on my driveway and my MacBook Pro went flying, and dinged up the display housing and the top case pretty badly. Does anybody know if I can use my AppleCare+ warranty to fix both the display housing...
  5. haralds

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5" and Apple Pencil AppleCare+ Battery Replacement

    After about 1½ years of daily use my iPad Pro 10.5 and Pencil show battery wear. Cocoanut Battery shows the iPad at 78% of design capacity with only 290 cycles. The Pencil does not seem to go above 80% charge. The main thing is that I used to be able to use it all day with plenty left when...
  6. D

    Applecare for you buy?

    i have only ever bought AppleCare a few times for different macs, I have never bought it for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch/tv, I like the idea of it but it’s a large expense to add to the top price of apple gear. I am curious to see what the feeling is on the forum, do you buy it? Is it worth it...
  7. B

    iPhone X Can I repair screen scratches with AppleCare?

    I'm currently in the Apple upgrade program for my iPhone X. I have been using about 10+ months. So this means I have AppleCare+. I started to notice scratches on the screen. No other major cracks. Can I use my AppleCare+ with $29 deductible for the repairment? Anyone who exchanged or repaired...
  8. N

    iPhone X AppleCare+ Coverage Question

    I went to and entered my phone's information to check my AppleCare+ status. It says that I'm covered until November 3, 2019. Is there anywhere that shows incidents of accidental damage I have remaining? I want to be able to show this to a potential buyer of my...
  9. M

    AppleCare for SS?

    Are you buying AppleCare for your stainless/sapphire AW?
  10. johnandjack

    Other AppleCare+ with Theft & Loss expiration date in ONE MONTH??

    Anyone else get coverage confirmation emails over the weekend that show an expiration date of October 22, 2018??? This is for an iPhone XS Max 512GB in gold that was purchased via the Apple Upgrade Program...I've been on hold with AppleCare support for 40+ minutes, so I'm guessing this wasn't...
  11. db67fm

    S2 Mic Repair/Replace Delays

    I have a Series 2, purchased in November 2016. About 2 weeks ago the microphone stopped working. I have Apple Care + so I took it the my local Apple Store hoping for a replacement. They checked it out and ran a diagnostic and told me they would need to send it to a repair center for further...
  12. T

    AppleCare for MBP2017 ?

    Just bought a Space Gray MBP 2017. Do you guys recommend AppleCare (It is almost $400 :confused:). (I seem to have Amex protection which I don't have any experience with ...) What is your recommendation ?
  13. ignatius345

    PSA: regular AppleCare is being "phased out"

    Going back many years, you have always been able to buy an AppleCare agreement extending two additional years of hardware coverage and phone support, as long as you buy it within one year of buying the Mac. As is my custom, I just went to buy an AppleCare warranty just now as my daughter's MBP...
  14. K

    Buy Apple Care but Find Out They Won’t Honor?

    I don’t know what to do. I bought an Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch about. Year ago. I bought the 250 some dollar Apple care. One day I put my thumb in the gap and lifted to open the lid and I felt a pop. The screen popped and the top part turned back. Over the next day or so, the whole opals is...
  15. K

    AppleCare or AppleCare+ for iMac

    I bought a iMac 21.5' 2017 on Jan. 2nd 2018 in Japan. Regarding Applecare, according to what Apple Japan says I can buy AppleCare+ only until 30 days after purchase. Since I don't have money to buy it now, I want to buy normal AppleCare within...
  16. M

    iPhone X PSA: January 2nd is the last day to add AppleCare+ for iPhone X release day-ers

    I'm still on the fence. My credit card extends the manufacturers warranty to 2 years, but that doesn't cover accidental drops which is what I fear the most. My iPhone X is nestled safely in its case with a tempered glass screen protector. But still... I bought the phone outright and plan to keep...
  17. M

    VZW Total Protection or AppleCare for iPhone X

    Trying to decide between AppleCare or Verizon Wireless total protection on my iPhone X. Does anyone have any experience with Verizon Total Protection (I’m a new costumer)? Or, has anyone purchased AppleCare?
  18. F

    Apple Care+ is not two years? it is 2y-17days?

    I will probabaly get my iPhone x on 28.November.2017. And now I get a email saying that my applecare+ will end 12.November.2019. I am in Austria. Does anyone have similar issues also in US? I remember that my macbookpro was also several weeks short of apple care coverage because Apple always...
  19. 81Tiger04

    AppleCare+ ... Do you get a case?

    So, it looks like I'm going to get my iPhone 8 Plus through the IUP. I've had iPhones all the way back to the 3G but never gotten AppleCare+ ... until now. So my question is this: For those of you that get AppleCare+, do you also get a case and/or screen cover for your iPhone? Or do you take the...
  20. 81Tiger04

    iPhone Upgrade Program: Layman's Terms Please?

    I haven't purchased a new iPhone since the 6 a few years ago but am going to take the plunge on an 8 Plus. In the past, I have purchased in full from my provider, AT&T. With the IUP, though, I'm a little confused as to what I should do. I like the idea of paying in installments but I'm unsure of...