iPad wall mounted as home kit controller

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    Hey guys, I have been using iOS10 as a beta tester since June, thinking about buying a cheap iPad Air mk1 or when I upgrade my air 2 for a newer version, and using it mounted on the wall in the kitchen as a home controller. I have sent apple feedback saying how iPad could have this mode option when activated as a home kit hub.
    - Camera should be allowed to stay on to sense motion to turn screen on, when it comes on it goes straight to widget screen so info can be seen at a glance as you walk by.
    -Siris goodnight or away scene should turn screen off (camera off?) to save battery etc.
    - Even a change to never auto lock so that screen dimmed when no motion was sensed but turned back up when hey Siri was initiated or motion sensed.
    - or a photo slideshow when no motion is detected?

    Would be great if apple took feedback on board and added this feature to 10.1 etc. Currently the best you can get is plugged in and screen never auto locks. there has to be a better way!
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    Jun 9, 2013
    Hmmm sounds like a good idea. The always-on camera though, not so much. I believe with enough knowledge in MDM configuration what you want is totally possible. The motion activated screen wake up isn't.

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