iPad iPadOS 13.4 - Keyboard layout problem


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Jun 27, 2008
Hi there.
I have a question and its killing me.

After updating to iPadOS 13.4 I have a different layout for the onscreen keyboard. Apple Calls it ISO-QWERTY and it has a vertical return key, all my other mac’s are with normal QWERTY (the horizontale return) and so was my iPad on iPadOS 13.3.1

Looks like this is or changed by Apple or changed by a setting I cannot find.

I already tried the following:
  1. iOS 13.3.1 > Horizontale return > Update to 13.4 > Vertical return.
  2. New DFU installation 13.4 > Vertical return
  3. IOS 13.3.1 DFU installation > No backup > Horizontale return > Update > Vertical return.

I nailed it down to the following:
For my language (Dutch) I have 3 options for the keyboard,

Only ANSI-QWERTY is the one we are use to here , somebody know how I get ANSI of normal QWERTY back?
If I choose for Enlish Us (for example) I get QWERTY as one of the options for that keyboard, only not for the dutch one.

Please help :)


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