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Oct 1, 2007
I wouldn't say this is specific to this year of phones, but there's always a slew of negativity and disappointed customers every year none of which I take personal or am surprised by. Sometimes justifiably, other times not - coming from a perfectly working phone of the previous year, upgrading without thinking through what they want out of the new phone from the old (I think this tactic is so often avoided, where it's critical when I make the leap weighing out what I'm going for - hype train aside), expecting it to perform miracles, or cure the pandemic hellscape year we're in, boredom without having specific interests for using one's phone, or even personal problems haha.

Soooo I thought a happy thread would be good because we are out there!

- so far, 5G in my area seems no different. I think I've seen 5G plenty vs. what they're dressing up as 5Ge which is really LTE (on AT&T) in a major metro area...

but I didn't expect any less as an educated consumer who doesn't fall for 10 minutes of 5G marketing bait on stage, and with Chris Rock skits (albeit both Verizon, haha) and got the phone for design, battery life, screen and cameras.

Haven't been disappointed in frankly ANYTHING! outside of the airwaves so far which is more a reflection of the rollout coverage and carriers and less the device itself. LTE I've always found to be performant enough for casual tasks too. I'll be delighted when it's even better down the road.

+ I'm in a fringe signal area in my apartment from the material of the walls (the area itself gets excellent coverage, just not my apartment unit and the hallways, etc), and the Qualcomm X55 seems better with signal than my SE2 was with Intel radio. That's a MAJOR plus. and a graceful pick up of reception when there's a signal loss,

+ I won the panel lottery. I could stare at this device's screen with admiration for years, and might be doing just that (possibly holding on 2+ years, especially since I got the $800 off in credits over 30 months slam dunk ATT deal as someone who isn't motivated to move and been with them for 15 years - no change in habits, just a reduction in cost for swapping out an ebay procured iPhone 8 to hold onto my SE2, which made diving into this device totally guilt free and doubt free). Even at low brightness, my eyes don't seem tired like they were with X. I think even with PWM, its now at a threshold that isn't bothersome to my eyes personally. A great concern to me in past years. The best way I could describe it was like making my eyes hunt harder to absorb information when I was just reading basic articles at a decent text size. Like reading a book in dim lighting, level fatigue. It doesn't seem there anymore (for me)

+ FaceID seems better than my XR was, which was the last X style phone I had before selling it this past spring and getting an SE2 as the intended holdover device for these releases. I cant get the 'alternative scan' to work covering up my face half with a mask to see if it will detect my face with a mask on, maybe glasses and a beard just throw the whole thing off. its ok though, I have a short passcode + iOS at least now detects mask and pops up passcode quicker than it did. TouchID still has preferable elements but I wouldn't not get this phone for that omission after test driving its overall utility (nor for 120hz, personally. Nor would I be 'excited' to enter panel lottery next year and whatever battery concessions would come with that for A14+battery size+X55 combo as it's presented this year as the sum of parts if they met their alleged 'goal' for shipping this years devices with it)

+ the weight and feel is crazy premium to me. It's going to be in a case most of the time, my silicone or maybe a cheap clear that's not Apple's since I find the MagSafe landing pad atrocious to my eyes. But still, it looks fanatastic. I think the Pacific Blue may be the nicest iPhone I have ever seen, ever, for its time or even period. I don't say that every release too haha

+ battery life seems great, coming from an SE2 which wasn't great despite that phone overall rocking imo. And from memory of XR on iOS 12 for the most part but iOS 13 for a good period of time too. I didnt have an 11P or PM, but it seems in the realm of fantastic after just a day of hammering the device. if I want even more, I'll turn off 5G all together instead of smart 5G where I dont even really get the benefits with lack of coverage as it stands

+ The screen size is perfect, if anything even bigger than I need. Glad I didnt get the Pro Max personally, something I was debating in addition to mini. I can scale Safari sites % wise for more on screen for specific sites, and the rest of the phone use seems perfectly fine scaled. a concern of mine in which I raised the point its scaled like X/XS/11Pro not Xr/11/Max devices. Doesnt matter turns out for me ! I'd be worried about mini battery life a bit, and my SE2 is a great device when I wanna feel something small. Good middle ground

+ Boxy edges rock. Have a nicer grip on the phone, and its playing with my head of being futuristic but a throwback too

+ watched intense drop tests. Seems the back and especially the front with its ceramic embedded screen really will hold up well. But I have a case + screen protector for scratches for peace of mind

+ triple cameras. I've only really had one camera except 7 Plus and X. Since then, XR and SE2. It's really nice to have for all occasions.

+ 128GB base for Pro. Wish it were so for the non pro too, as the $50 increase narrowed the price gap between non pro and pro, but the pacific blue and 6gb and 3 camera's and LiDAR and brighter screen sealed the value prop for me. And Since I got the ATT deal, I feel Apple and ATT just keep giving me reason after reason to upgrade where I might've been a bit shy to, otherwise, and for pro no less. They did it in my view because they want high adoption rates of 5G capable devices, I did it for many reasons that being one of the least compelling but a nice to have. For later.

+ 14.1 so far seems super duper smooth. It's a blessing in disguise the phone was delayed and released with an updated version of iOS 14 instead of .0, though its been fine on my SE1 from limited wifi testing only on an A9 device :p Maybe this is the way their cycles should be moving forward, so people don't conflate a buggy OS experience with the hardware itself.

maybe + one day I'll taste mmWave just to rock my socks and see 2gbit down on a friggin phone as a future proofed radio. Where my home connection is 1gbit but AC doesn't give it full throughput justice. Would even consider a Wifi 6 router just cuz, but my 2020 MBAir and 2017 iPad Pro don't support it so would feel like a waste.
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Oct 1, 2007
This is also pretty sweet for basic 5g !

So maybe the internet speed boost will be advantageous too ! We’ll see

It’s not mmWave tear my face off 2000mbit down fast but good things in store!

Will be handy for some coffee shops with garbage internet and/or routers as a hotspot


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Jan 22, 2008
The most impressive part of this iphone so far are the data speeds. LTE has doubled, and 5g has quadrupled the 11 pro. I’m looking forward to really testing this out when Ultrawideband comes to town.

Screen is perfect. I like that the size increased just enough. I find it incredibly comfortable to hold. Because the physical size of the phone hasn’t changed much, it fits with my car dock and cases.

I’m assuming it’s still indexing, and it usually takes a few cycles for the battery to optimize, so I’m hoping for similar battery life to the 11 pro.

Overall, I was initially skeptical as it seemed like a very small update, but it is exceeding my expectations.


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Oct 28, 2011
I am Happy so far with the new design and lighter weight.
My carrier (Visible) doesn't provide 5G yet.
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Dec 2, 2011
Bella Vista
Coming from the Xs. Bought the 12 in black with 64gb which is plenty for me. I love this phone. The weight, size, screen, speed, everything better than the Xs. Really like the flat screen and flat sides. General reception is massively better except for 5g which is a joke but thats not the phones fault thats Tmobiles. I’m happy. This was a decent upgrade.
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Sep 21, 2016
I'm very happy with mine as well. Moved from a 7+ to the 12. DH moved from an XR to the 12.
  • Both screens did appear a bit yellow right out of the box. Turned off TruTone and adjusted the brightness a bit and now I'm perfectly happy. When we reset the XR, it was noticeably more yellow than when we had it setup with the previous number. Again, turning off TruTone solved it.
  • Seems speedier than my 7+. Not sure of the difference on XR as I was not the main user there.
  • Love how much lighter and thinner this phone is to hold. And I have it in an Otterbox Defender so it is a pretty substantial case.
  • I'm in a fairly rural state so don't expect 5G for a couple more years in any place I spend time.
  • The blue and green colors were both better than we expected after some of the last minute leaked videos.
Overall, we are very happy with the switch.


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Jun 10, 2010
So far I like the size and speed, iTunes restore was a breeze and which was a shock to me. Battery is still a work in progress, and will be main factor if I’m keeping it or not.


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Mar 12, 2020
Quite happy with my 12 pro, coming from an 11 pro. Not a huge difference, except for size and feel, as far as I’m concerned. I imagine I’ll get used to the feel difference in a week or so.

I was also impressed with the phone to phone setup. I’ve never done that before (always set up as a new phone), and it was so easy. If anything, made everything a little boring, since in less than an hour, I had a fully functioning and completely set up phone. No playing around with settings, downloading apps, signing in, etc.

Now I just have to wait for apple to release their leather cases (or find a nicer alternative).


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Sep 16, 2006
Down south
I got the 12 (wanted the lightest I could get, while still being bigger than the SE), and am pleased with it. No real complaints. The squared edges aren’t my favorite, but I do think having an edge to edge screen protector will be nice (when mine arrives).

No issues with the OLED (so far) like I had when I tried XS Max. That was a concern of mine.

Not seeing any real changes in my cellular service. Ours sucks out here, plain and simple.

Wish I would’ve had a trade in. I thought about trading the SE because it’s still a deal, but I promised it to my granddaughter and didn’t feel like having to order another one and go through all that. Plus - no guarantee I’m keeping any phone for 30 months.

I’m impressed with the camera thus far. Pictures are so crisp. I feel like it’s an improvement over the 11, and definitely over the SE, although it‘s not like the SE‘s pics were bad.

It’s also nice to have something with a long battery life, although I forgot they also take longer to charge. My SE would’ve been at 100% within an hour using my iPad charger, and this one wasn’t half that. Of course it’s relative because it’ll probably take me almost 2 days to use the battery.

Overall, pretty happy with it. The SE2 is a great little phone though, and I kinda hate leaving it behind.


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Dec 1, 2014
Such a solid upgrade from my XS Max.

First of all this phone feels amazing in the hands. I decided to add insurance and go without a case. Also love the easy one-handed use. That wasn’t possible on the XS Max.

The screen size and display quality is perfect. I thought I would need to adjust going from a larger device to smaller but that hasn’t been the case.

I’m used to fluctuating 1-2 bars throughout my house but since using the 12 Pro, my signal hasn’t left 2 bars. Thank you Qualcomm.

5G download speeds are nearly the same as LTE but my upload speeds have significantly increased.

Haven’t played with the camera much but from what I can tell it looks great.

Battery life seems fine so far. Doesn’t seem like anything I’ll need to worry about. Also loving the fast charging.

The smooth UI is major! iOS 14.1 and 6GB ram work effortlessly. My apps aren’t constantly refreshing as soon as I go to another app and come back.

I’m very pleased Apple.


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Sep 1, 2011
How’s the battery life compared to your xs max?

Still working in but really haven’t noticed any significant increase or decrease. Have been on WiFi all day.

I can tell you I miss the one handed use of the smaller phone and typing on it is so much easier for me, one or two handed.

Had the X but all other phones since the 6+ have been the larger phone. I missed the X when I moved to the XS Max. X was my favorite iPhone until this one.
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May 18, 2020
Yorkshire, England
I came from a less than 6 month old product red XR to the graphite 12 Pro and I have to say there is nothing bad to report at all.
None of this yellow screen, terrible battery rubbish ?
Currently at 5h 20 screen time today with 53% remaining after its first full charge last night!
The size and weight is perfect, the new square edges feel great in the hands.
And the camera system just blows the XR to pieces!

Thanks for finally making a happy thread, this place has been doom and gloom outside of the U.K. preorder thread for the last 24 hours.


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Aug 28, 2012
Very happy with my 12. I just wanted something lighter and my 11 Pro felt like a brick, so it’s refreshing. The new squared edges are nice too.

Did you go from a 11 pro Max to a regular 12 (no pro)? It’s just what I’m into but not sure f I will miss something. Are you enjoying this swap?



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Feb 9, 2014
Did you go from a 11 pro Max to a regular 12 (no pro)? It’s just what I’m into but not sure f I will miss something. Are you enjoying this swap?

No just the regular 11 pro. and yes, I love it. Lighter phone and comes with a ton of features. I don’t really need a “pro” phone.


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Oct 14, 2011
Tampa Bay, FL
Count me as among the Happy Campers. ?

Admittedly, I had a few issues getting the 12 Pro set up and my Watch SE, but those were fixed fairly quickly. I had a very yellowy, warm screen at first, but that was fixed by turning off True Tone, rebooting, then restarting True Tone, which looks fine now.

The camera on the 12 Pro is a huge step up from the XR. If the camera on the Max is indeed better, more power to it, but the 12 Pro will totally suffice and be a marked improvement for me.

I love the silver colorway and the 4/5 design. I had a white 4S that, looks-wise, was my favorite iPhone of all time, and the silver 12 Pro is damn close. My 12 Pro is going au natural, no case, nakey nakey, and loving every minute of it ?

I'll be 5G-eligible when my plan switches on Nov. 4 so no qualms or brags about speed there.

FaceID works MUCH better on the 12 Pro than the XR.

I wish all were enjoying their new iPhones as much!
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