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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's selection of leather cases for all iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models are now available on the Apple Store. Amid concern that the MagSafe Charger may damage cases, Apple has directly addressed the issue and included an image on the storefront of how the charger may imprint the case over time.


The final image of every Apple Leather Case on the Apple Store depicts how the appearance of the case may change over time when regularly using the MagSafe Charger or other MagSafe accessories.

After the launch of Apple's silicone cases for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, some users began noticing that the MagSafe Charger quickly left a circular imprint on the case.

An Apple Support document subsequently admitted that the MagSafe Charger might show circular imprints from contact with the accessory. Now, the Apple Leather Case item description explicitly states:

Interaction with MagSafe accessories will leave slight imprints (as shown in the last image of the gallery). If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use an iPhone 12 | 12 Pro Silicone or Clear Case.

Considering that Apple has gone as far as to directly show how the MagSafe accessories can permanently imprint its cases, it seems highly likely that the company expects many users to experience the issue. Customers should therefore be aware of this behavior ahead of making the purchase.

The Apple Leather Case for the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max is now available on the Apple Store in Baltic Blue, California Poppy, Saddle Brown, Black, and PRODUCT(RED) for $59.

Article Link: iPhone 12 Leather Case Product Pages Include Images Demonstrating MagSafe Imprint Wear


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Apr 6, 2017
Well, looks Apple’s Leather Folio Case that’s was introduced with the iPhone X and then available for the Xs and 11 Pro has been definitively killed off.

I guess it was either unpopular or Apple just wanted to push the MagSafe Leather Wallet to take its place - which is a pity because I’m not convinced at this stage it’s better than the old Folio.


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Sep 9, 2015
No getting away from physics. you have a soft material (leather) which is daily being compressed by a magnetic charger shaped like a circle. How could you not get an imprint. This is a non-starter. Don’t want a ring, buy are case made of a more durable material. I’ve been using the Pitaka case with magnetic charger on my 11 Pro for a year and no issues with imprinting etc.


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Oct 5, 2020
Was not expecting the Blue leather case, I guess I didn't notice it in the marketing graphics, so I ended up ordering one. But may or may not keep it, as I also ordered a silicone case.

Sam in SoCal

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Oct 13, 2019
I’ll be buying the Apple leather case as I traditionally have done since 2017 starting with the iPhone 8 Plus. Also traditionally I’ll be charging my 12 pro max with the 5w charging brick/cord. So my leather case will never suffer the circular imprint. Can’t help there’s a magnet imbedded in the case but I’ll enjoy the nice ‘ting’ noise when the back of the phone meets that magnet. And for the occasional goof I’ll stick the phone with the case on the fridge like so....


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Sep 17, 2012
I ordered the black leather case and won’t be using MagSafe anyway. Maybe next year but I can’t justify the cost vs use right now.
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Apr 2, 2007
It's funny because Magsafe is literally a gimmick that makes the phone harder to pickup from its charger (charger comes with) and also imprints marks on your leather cases but also even on the silicon cases as metal shavings in your environment will stick to the magnets on the case and even on the back of your phone over time, even in quite clean environments pieces of iron in the air eventually collect.

Such a bizarre "feature" that pretty much makes the phone worse. I will never understand some of Apples decisions, honestly.
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