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Apr 12, 2001

Apple may delay the iPhone 12 Pro launch due to supply chain issues with the 120Hz display, or face cancelling the feature entirely, according to display analyst Ross Young and leaker Jon Prosser.


Young explained via a Tweet that Apple is facing supply chain issues with obtaining 120Hz display driver ICs for the iPhone 12 Pro, even though it can get the correct 120Hz panels. Apple would, therefore, have to postpone the iPhone 12 Pro launch to wait for the correct driver ICs, or ship the iPhone 12 Pro without a 120Hz display. To avoid this delay, Young expects Apple to opt for standard 60Hz displays on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Young speculates that the late-stage display issues facing the iPhone 12 Pro may be explained by 120Hz not being part of the original plans for the device. He does, however, propose the possibility of Apple delaying the iPhone 12 Pro launch date until the 120Hz display is ready to ship. It is unclear how long such a delay may be. In July, Apple confirmed that it is expecting to release this year's iPhones later than usual.

The matter is "not a simple issue in this case," Young said. "Apple can move mountains, so will see. Given how badly some of you want 120Hz, perhaps they are listening will delay the launch until 120Hz is ready". Young's analysis was today largely corroborated by leaker Jon Prosser, who concurs reports of Apple continuing to internally debate the status of the iPhone 12 Pro's 120Hz display.

"Behind the scenes, Apple is still testing 120Hz, ProMotion, for iPhone 12 Pro. Specifically, at least, in this case with my sources, the 12 Pro Max," said Prosser via a video on Front Page Tech uploaded today. "120Hz is working just fine, with a manual toggle in settings on the iPhone 12 Pro Max."

ProMotion technology on the ‌iPad Pro‌ is able to dynamically adjust the display to the movement of content, resulting in more fluid scrolling, smoother motion, and improved responsiveness. The frame rate changes based on the content on the screen, preserving battery life. Prosser encouraged his followers, "don't give up on 120Hz on 12 Pro yet..."

Reports surrounding a potential 120Hz display have been extremely mixed, with some leakers such as "Ice Universe" and Max Weinbach suggesting that the feature is set to arrive with the iPhone 12 Pro. Prosser has also previously discussed the likelihood of iPhone 12 Pro models sporting ProMotion displays.

In July, Young reported that none of his contacts were able to corroborate rumors that the ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro models will feature 120Hz displays, with his sources instead indicating 120Hz technology will be coming in the 2021 iPhone refresh. Young has instead suggested that Apple will implement ProMotion in 2021 alongside the adoption of low-power LTPO displays which will allow for a variable refresh rate that preserves battery life.

It is unusual for Apple to be facing uncertainty with major features at such a late stage, with launch expected next month. As a 120Hz display is not an integral design feature of the iPhone 12 Pro, it would likely be easier to roll back plans to include the feature on this fall's devices.

The uncertainty regarding the refresh rate of the iPhone 12 Pro's display means that it is extremely difficult to say how things may pan out, but these reports cast serious doubt over the chances of a 120Hz display coming to market on the iPhone 12 Pro this year. At minimum, it appears that Apple is struggling to ship the feature with the iPhone 12 Pro.

Article Link: iPhone 12 Pro Likely to Ship With 60Hz Display, But Launch Delay to Add 120Hz Possible
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Feb 22, 2020
If it's hardware, that decision was made before spring and the spec has been final all summer - I'd prepare for a 60hz display. Production in the factory is already running if they're launching in the Fall. You can do last minute (even last hour) software... hardware is always decided months before.
Yeah. Whatever Apple decided, it's already done. The rumors are just rumors drumming up for rumors sake.


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Jul 2, 2010
that is such and utter bs. i’d take a 120hz screen over 5g. 5g is in its infancy right now and doesn’t offer any tangible benefits for most americans. 120hz display literally changes how you interact with the phone. everything feels more snappy and fluid and it just feels better. they’ve had 2 years since it launched on ipad to get it to work on iphone, if the iphone 12 doesn’t have it there’s no way i’d upgrade. rocking my xsmax for another year i guess. i was on a yearly upgrade pattern from iphone 6-iphone x, but iphone 11 and it seems iphone 12 just aren’t compelling enough.


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Mar 27, 2017
Apple definitely won't delay further. The current schedule is already October/November.

Given Apple sells a rough average of 20 million iPhones per month, with over 50% of those being new models, any delay results in many lost sales. And 120Hz is not a must-have feature.
I really don't see Apply delaying the iPhones anymore just because of one feature 120. It's really not that important. It can really wait till next year.

I don't think these people know what they are talking about...
I really don't see Apply delaying the iPhones anymore just because of one feature 120. It's really not that important. It can really wait till next year.

I don't think these people know what they are talking about...


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Jan 3, 2007
It's late August - any decision was made months ago, with initial design decisions having been finalized 13 months ago.

The device is already being manufactured.

How does this pass any logic filter? If any of this was being debated, or having difficulties, it would have been during DVT or some other earlier stage.

The truth: These people don't know and so they are hedging their bets with these fake leaks
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