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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's iOS 17 Release Candidate build that was released yesterday includes code that reveals the new requirements for recording ProRes video with an iPhone 15 Pro directly to external storage.


During yesterday's event, Apple said that the iPhone 15 Pro could record up to ProRes 4K at 60 fps to external storage thanks to the new USB-C port. The code reveals that ProRes 2.8K at 60 fps is also supported when recording to external storage devices. This is a significant improvement over the iPhone 14 Pro, which only supported ProRes 2.8K and 4K at 30 fps, and did not allow for recording directly to a storage device. Also, according to the code, external storage devices must be formatted to either exFAT or APFS for this feature to work, but there is no word on whether there are disk speed requirements.

ProRes is a high-quality video codec that is often used by professional filmmakers, and video recorded in the ProRes format takes up a lot of storage space. Recording 4K 60fps ProRes video is a feature that Apple was only able to add because of the new A17 Pro chip and the option to connect to an external storage drive.

The external storage requirement for recording 4K 60fps video prevents iPhone users from filling up their onboard storage, and the formatting requirements prevent users from experiencing poor performance when recording to external storage devices. Users who want to record ProRes video to an external storage device will need to make sure that the device meets Apple's requirements.

Article Link: iPhone 15 Pro Supports Recording ProRes Video Directly to External Storage
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May 15, 2011
Can I charge the iPhone and record ProRes video directly to external storage at the same time?
I hope that this will be possible using apples official dongle. However, one issue with apples official dongle, when used eith an ipad, is that that audio playback defaults to the hdmi output. This is super annoying.

Eitherway recording to an external drive is a huge bonus - especially if you want to quickly plug the drive into a computer and start editing.

Hopefully the iphone Pros can record to a drive for 2-3 hours without overheating.

Exciting times ahead!

Love-hate 🍏 relationship

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Sep 19, 2021
What are y'all filming with prores 4k 60fps to external drives anyway? grand ma napping in the couch on xmas eve?
Didn't you see apple marketing videos feature filmographers? Many cinematographers use iphones to film their movies thanks to apple's incredibly powerful cameras

Matter of fact oppenheimer (or barbie, I'm not too sure) was shot exclusively on iphone


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Sep 11, 2014
This is worth the price of admission to me. FileVault encryption would be nice but not necessary.

A good start is taking a look at existing options that already cap out at 10 Gbps including Samsung T7 Shield. Can’t guarantee comparability since I don’t have one, but I will be testing it out.


Jan 16, 2002
Denver, CO
Matter of fact oppenheimer (or barbie, I'm not too sure) was shot exclusively on iphone

Sorry. While iPhone Pros' cameras are impressive, Oppenheimer was shot entirely on IMAX 65mm and Panavision 65mm film using some of the highest-resolution film cameras available. Barbie was shot on an Ari Alexa 65 (kind of the iPhone of the filmmaking world). 😉
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