iPhone 5 or earlier iPhone 5 High Capacity NOHON Battery


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Jan 15, 2015
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So I recently got an iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4, sadly this iPhone has had a few issues though.

The eBay description stated the home button was the only problem, simple fix right? Just replace the little circuit for the home button on the glass. Well it turned out the whole dock connector was shot, further testing showed that the home button circuit itself wasn't at fault. So I put in a new dock connector, put it back together and viola done. I decided to check the batteries stats on Coconut Battery and thats when I saw it was at 47% capacity. Probably should've checked this earlier but its okay, I had a "spare" battery(I say spare because this battery was actually swollen). Anyway I replaced the battery and knocked the transistor off the home button circuit on the dock connector. No more home button. Yes I was very unhappy and frustrated.

One brand-new dock connector and NOHON battery later, the iPhone 5 is perfect. But let's focus on the NOHON battery now, so I bought it because I saw no reviews on the battery/it seemed to have claims which weren't that unachievable(ahem Gold 4S batteries). It claimed my iPhone 5 would have 1590, a nice little boost from 1440 if true and some room for the battery to degrade while being at its full design capacity still.

Fired up Coconut Battery and to my surprise, it is a real 1590mah battery.
Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 12.01.01 PM.png
I also use a Cydia tweak to display the iPhone's battery info in the Notification Center which also reported it being 1590mah.

Hope this helps out any users deciding on buying one of these, I'm very happy with the result. I'll try to update this thread on how the performance is a week from now, a few months later ,etc.

It's currently fully charging so when I reach 100% I'll post a full battery shot.

Here is 1440mah(what it's design capacity is):
Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 1.16.02 PM.png

EDIT: 100% shot
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Aug 19, 2017
I knew there was larger capacity batteries for iPods, didn’t know they have them for iPhones too. Curious to see how it holds up..
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Mar 27, 2017
Give it a week of usage before reporting. The full charge capacity value is set at the factory. Until it's been through a couple of cycles, the true value isn't known.


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Oct 25, 2008
I would love to see some *real* testing on these.

It makes sense that higher capacity options could exist given density improves by a few percent a year.


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Jan 25, 2015
Hey, how’s it going? So I just bought a 1700mAh Nohon higher capacity battery for my 5s and I’d like to know how’s the battery holding up for you so far? Did the charging capacity decreased? I would really appreciate an update!
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