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    Feb 16, 2016
    Hello to all I'm a new user on here.

    I hope this is to be posted in the right place on this website.

    I just recently got an iPhone 5 which was password protected and I managed to update that to remove the password... -Now I'm stuck on a bit that says Activate iPhone - ................. There is an Apple ID that shows a little bit of an email address linked to the iPhone.

    I'm assuming there must be a way to remove that so that I can enter mine and use my Apple ID on the iPhone 5 and access everything like the App Store.

    Any help with what to do would be massively appreciated and thankful.
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    I am sorry, but you assume incorrectly.

    What you are experiencing is called iCloud Activation Lock and it's an anti-theft feature. If there was a way around it, then it would defeat the purpose for having this feature. iCloud Activation Lock occurs when the phone is logged into Find My iPhone and then is restored.

    Unless you can find the original owner and they are willing to give you the Apple ID and password you have purchased a brick.
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