iPhone 6S won't recognize Touch ID or passcode

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    Nov 19, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    Today, my iPhone 6S (with the latest iOS) out of nowhere stopped recognizing my touch ID. It did this during normal usage, hence not after a reboot or something like that. I went to download a new app on AppStore and iOS asked me if I wanted to use touch ID for purchases. I chose 'yes' and that's when the problem started. After denying my touch ID it asked for my passcode. I'm 100% sure I gave it the right one but it wouldn't accept that either. After 5 "failed" attempts (with the RIGHT passcode), my phone is now deactivated.

    Firstly, I'm really frustrated why this kind of thing can happen at all. Apple needs to have a fail proof system that doesn't risk the owner of the phone to be locked out of it! Especially in this case when I even haven't forgotten any passcode. Secondly, how can a company CHARGE for support after 1 year - which other company does stuff like that - especially with items so expensive? Well, as you can read, I'm really frustrated with Apple since today...

    Thirdly, and frankly the question I'd really want to ask - is there ANYTHING I can do? :(

    Would really appreciate any help.
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    Your phone may have experienced a hardware problem at the same time. Touch ID on the 6s and the 6s+ work real well compared to the 6 and 5s models. You can try resetting your phone but without the passcode working right, that may not be possible. If all else fails, take it in to your nearest Apple store and have them look at it. Take along your puchase receipt for the phone or they will refuse to reset it for you.

    And as for paying for support... that's standard procedure. Your free telephone support ended when your warranty expired. It's not just Apple that charges for support, most hardware and software providers have limited phone support. Once the limit is reached, they charge.

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