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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Lithiumdiver, Sep 8, 2016.

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    oh it's here again!

    My wife and I are on ATT next every year plan and want to each get an iPhone 7 plus to replace our 6s plus'. I was planning on preordering a black, 32gb and a rose gold 32gb, and then going out to a local store on launch day and seeing if I can get my hands on a jet black and a rose gold plus. Logic being that if I'm right and no one has any black or jet black on launch day, at least I'll have one on preorder. My question for everyone is if you were in my situation, where would you preorder from? I know I can do apple or ATT, and heck, I could go to either store and wait on launch day as well. We know what we want and definitely want to preorder and then try on launch day to get them right away. We just don't know who to order from or who to go to on launch. Advice would be very much appreciated. Last year, we skipped preorder for the first 3 days and then preordered through att last minute only to end up waiting a month for them to show up! Seriously not trying for a repeat. Thanks everyone!!
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    Apple will always have the most inventory and the quickest ship time. Right off the bat, AT&T always gives a 1-4 weeks estimated arrival date. At least with Apple you will know right away as you pre-order if it will be launch day or not.

    Oh and also, AT&T has a restocking fee if you want to return for any reason.
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    Can' think of any value add of going through a carrier.

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