1. maverick28

    Mac Create an agent to watch program launches

    Hello, I want to create an agent that would launch a certain script when iTunes is launched. Obviously, with the traditional set of properties such as KeepAlive and RunAtLoad it will resume endlessly as soon as the default 10-sec interval elapses which is not the desired behaviour as I need it...
  2. M

    Other Less than 8 hours to go before Apple Stores in Singapore opens! And there is a long queue!

    As always every year, when a new iPhone launches, long lines of eager fans camp outside the famous Apple Store at Orchard Road Singapore. More pics are in the link
  3. lightLauncher

    Lightweight Launcher-Launch files and web URLs from the menu bar!

    Hi all, thanks for taking time to read this post! Lightweight Launcher is a very simple application that opens a number of preset files and web URLs directly from the menu bar. Features: What it does: -Launches files, apps, and websites with a single click! -Have up to ten collections...
  4. E

    Anybody lining up? Overnight? Few hours early? Location? Model?

    I got my dads watch but I missed out on mine and really want it. My gf lives near the mall. I am thinking about lining up at 4-5 at the Sherman oaks galleria. I want the stainless steel 44mm white or Milanese if I have to. Anyone else doing this ? I was hoping Best Buy might get some but I doubt it.
  5. lewis_cooper

    iPhone 8(+) Will Apple Swap iPhone 8 if new model launched shortly after?

    Hi all, As we all know, we'll very likely (almost guaranteed to) see new iPhones in September. My question is, do Apple allow you to return your newly purchased iPhone if a new model is announced shortly after you do so? For example if I bought an iPhone 8 on September 3rd and they announce the...
  6. T

    OS X Failure to launch ETS2 from Steam, El Cap 10.11.6

    Hey all; got a weird one. Since Mar 21 when a new version of Steam client rolled out, I have not been able to launch my copy of Euro Truck Simulator 2. This is a sim I have heavily invested in (both in DLCs and in playing hours -- more than 450 hours over the last 2+ years!) so it's pretty...
  7. dgtl887

    Question About iPhone Launch Events

    Hi, I had thought I'd get to stay home and watch this one in it's entirety, but things seem to be working out otherwise. Does anyone know how long these events usually run ? Also how long after it's over do they post it on Youtube so people can watch the whole thing again ?
  8. Gidjit-SmartLauncher

    Universal Gidjit - Smart Launcher with Widget. Updates, Feedback, Tutorials…

    Hello I would like to use this thread to share information and get feedback on a free app a few of us have been working on for awhile. Once you have started to configure the app and get used to it you'll hopefully love it. More detail below. Anyway, please try the app...
  9. A

    Mac Run Script with Launchd at Login

    I'm attempting to setup a Launch Agent that will run a simple shell script to mount a FUSE drive at login. I have written a .plist file and moved it into the ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ directory (shown below). Both the .plist and the shell script have permissions of 755. I am able to use the...
  10. MisterTree

    Carrier Verizon Launch Day MEGAThread

    Covering all reports from all Verizon stores in realtime. If you can, include location and store type (corporate/reseller) Answering the big questions about wait times, activation experiences, return questions, model and finish availability. First in line at a corporate VZW retail store in...
  11. Phightinphils

    Carrier NO AT&T Stores Will Have ANY Jet Black (4.7" and 5.5")

    Just spoke with two AT&T Company Stores in the suburbs and was told by both that NO AT&T STORES WILL HAVE JET BLACK MODELS AT LAUNCH. I assumed they meant just the plus models so I asked what about the 4.7" and was guaranteed that no JB will be available. :(
  12. A

    Carrier [PORTUGAL] iPhone 7 Pre-Orders over carriers

    Alguém português no site que tenha feito reserva por um dos sites das operadoras? Alguém já teve a sorte de ver mudar o estado da sua encomenda?
  13. Lithiumdiver

    iPhone 7 help!

    oh it's here again! My wife and I are on ATT next every year plan and want to each get an iPhone 7 plus to replace our 6s plus'. I was planning on preordering a black, 32gb and a rose gold 32gb, and then going out to a local store on launch day and seeing if I can get my hands on a jet black...
  14. L


    When is the next macbook pro coming out? All i gather so far, is that apple tends to release many products twice a year. Are macbook pro's also twice a year, or once a year? Is it speculation when the next macbook pro will be released? And when was the macbook pro currently on the apple...