iPhone 7: use Verizon phone on ATT: Pros/Cons?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jmelrose, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. jmelrose macrumors regular

    Oct 18, 2004

    I have an ATT iPhone and use ATT most of the year.

    My summer employment requires me to go someplace with very poor ATT coverage but adequate Verizon coverage.

    I know i can use ATT on a Verizon model phone. Anyone have any experience with using ATT on the iPhone 7 Verizon model? Any pros/cons to doing so I should be aware of?
  2. Shadowbech macrumors 68040

    Oct 18, 2011
    Planet iPhone
    It will work just fine. Nothing you need to be aware of. If you plan on getting verizon model iPhone, you might as well just get the sim-free model as that is essentially the Sprint/Verizon model. I had AT&T and stuck the sim card on my Verizon model and worked just fine. No features were lost either.
  3. jmelrose thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 18, 2004
    If I get the verizon model, I can get it on the iPhone upgrade program. Apparently all I have to to is activate the phone as part of the purchase and then cancel the plan immediately... Then I just pop my current ATT Sim in and I'm good to go?
  4. jmelrose thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 18, 2004
    Apple is being very oblique about this which is both frustrating and semi-understandable. I spent all morning working with them, ATT and Verizon to figure out if this is an option and what I would need to do to make it happen.

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