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  1. J

    iPhone 15 Pro Verizon activation issues - iPhone 15 Pro?

    I did an upgrade on my Verizon line, switching from the 13 to 15 Pro. They've been working all afternoon to get it switched. Now they're telling me they're having issues across the board with activating iPhone 15's and it could be up to 48 hours before they have it provisioned and properly...
  2. daryl1965

    iPhone 14 Pro Which countries iPhone upgrade method would you choose ? Canada vs USA carriers.

    Canadian plans vs USA plans . Which work out to be the best for your budget? Please comment … Canada Canadian big 3 Cell phone carriers Telus, Rogers and Bell have fully switched over to 2-year financing options. If you're considering a financing plan, look for upfront discounts that can save...
  3. M

    iPhone 14 Pro Max My IPhone 14 pro max is now just a brick :(

    So I have had my iPhone pro max 512gb for 2 days now and those two days would be glorious IF the damn thing would use it’s crazy e-sim and allow it to function. I have called Verizon and spent about 5 hours on the phone with them, erased both my old phone and the new one, installed fresh iOS...
  4. N

    Verizon Smart Watch discount

    Just a heads up if you haven't seen it already, but Verizon has a discount for smart watches. If you use the code SMARTWATCH150 it takes $150 off whichever model you choose. I went with the Ultra but great deal. I don't see an expiration date so check it out if you're on the fence. Enjoy.
  5. Jacc Sparrow

    2022 - Verizon Wireless Ultra Watch Order Status

    Did not see a post strictly for Verizon Pre orders. Pre ordered Apple Watch Ultra Orange Alpine Loop Large. 9/23 Delivery date. I did a trade in, so I didnt need to put anything down so no card to charge to gauge shipment. I think I got the wrong size band, so I ordered a Yellow Ocean Band...
  6. J

    iPhone 14/Plus Best Buy Trade In - Good as previous years? Verizon

    I bought my iPhone 12 Pro from Best Buy when it launched. They price-matched Verizon’s advertised trade in for my XS ($800-1000, don’t remember the actual value), and instead of doing 24 month bill credits, I got the trade in value taken off the price of the phone then and there, and put the...
  7. Geckotek

    Verizon AW S8 BOGO 50% off (up to $250) somehow stacked $150 off

    Sad story, recently lost my AW S7 in the Atlantic. :( Still owe $350 or so. Wearing my old S5 I never sold so at least I got that going for me. It's also my wife's turn for an upgrade of her S6 Red with a deep scratch in the face. Checking the Verizon site I see they are offering 50% off if...
  8. N

    Watch Ultra on Verizon

    Verizon doesn't have preorders until Friday just like the iPhone 14, but does anyone know how the Cellular thing is going to work with them? Will Verizon have the option to be GPS only? Just curious since the Ultra is GPS and/or Cellular.
  9. gabo864

    Carrier Verizon One Unlimited for iPhone

    I know everyone is excited about the new Apple devices, but just wondering if the new Verizon One Unlimited plan would be a good deal coming from the 5G Get More. I currently pay for iCloud storage and apple TV+. I do get Apple music for free through Verizon. So, I would be saving about $15 on...
  10. robicano22

    iPhone XR Verizon eSIM Activation on Foreign Soil with Foreign Device

    Live in Mexico full-time Have Active Verizon Cellular Plan Lost iPhone and physical SIM card Don't plan on being in US until Xmas Hearing mixed opinions on whether Verizon will be able to activate my cellular plan on a second-hand, Mexico-purchased, eSIM-capable iPhone while I'm on foreign...
  11. PhillyGuy72

    Carrier Verizon - "$6 a month increase due to 'Operational Costs'" 🙄

    Personally I find this a load of - you know what. It's nonsense and simply just greed, taking advantage of everything else going up in price. ....and don't upsell me to some Umlimted plan, I'm using a 3GB a month plan...and still have rollover data each month & I'm fine with that. I've...
  12. PinkyMacGodess

    Carrier So what good are the Verizon $500 gift cards?

    Feeling played. You get $500 for bringing your own phone to the big V! Now? It's a gift card, not the Mastercard they said, and it seems to come with a lot of restrictions and seem rather useless. What have others used their cards on? Can I use it on a new iPhone? If I can, would such iPhone be...
  13. W

    Just bought a new iPhone SE... then the trouble started...

    Hi folks! This is an unusual issue, so it doesn't really fit into any specific forum on the MacRumors site. This forum was the closest, so here goes... I just bought a brand-new unlocked iPhone SE (2022) from Apple's web-site. I was thrilled to receive it. In the past, I had bought a couple...
  14. gbf

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Dual esim

    I have an iPhone 13 pro max Bought from apple so no physical SIM card in the phone. First line is with Verizon And I want to put my T-Mobile line in the phone as well. 8 agents, including 3 store agents and no one know how to do it. Any suggestions?
  15. tekfranz

    Other Carrier Pricing vs Apple Pricing for Yearly Upgrades. What is the Math long term?

    So in 2021 the carriers gave customers $1000 or so off of an iPhone Pro. It is in monthly installments so about half of the iPhones are paid for by the time a new iPhone comes out. At that point a customer could switch carriers and get the next iPhone for free, presumably. Meanwhile Apple has a...
  16. J

    Carrier Issues receiving Verizon bill credits after iPhone 13 Pro upgrade

    I'm not really sure where to turn at this point... I preordered the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro (two of them, actually) on day one of pre-orders. My wife and I traded in our iPhone XR's in the process. Being a bit of a skeptic, I actually screen-recorded the entire process (purchased through the Apple...
  17. hexagenia

    $200 S0 Trade in With Verizon on AW7

    Not big news, but for anyone upgrading on Verizon, or looking to provision anew on Verizon with a S7 Cellular, there is a total $200 credit, with installments delivered monthly. The noteworthy item is ANY Apple Watch seems to qualify. i traded in my S0 Aluminum Sport for the credit. If you're...
  18. O

    USA: Carrier deals on Series 7

    Last year, we saw HUGE carrier discounts on the Series 6 and SE watches. They were offering about $250 off an Apple Watch (subject to a 24 month contract). When can we expect them to start offering similar deals for Series 7 this year? Verizon is already offering $150 free beats headphones (if...
  19. I

    iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 13 Pro Max Preorder From Verizon Now Saying "Delivery date will be updated soon."

    Okay, so I am really confused right now. I ordered my iPhone from Verizon Wireless on the night of Friday, September 17, aka launch day, and it didn't process until the next morning, which was fine. It gave me an estimated delivery date for October 1st. Again, I wished I could have gotten it...
  20. D

    Carrier Cannot activate 13 Mini (Verizon)

    Setup my 13 Mini last night but it won't activate. The first time through it gave me an immediate error, than the option to try again, which I did. No error that time, but when all was said and done, I started to get little popups that say it's not activated when I wake the phone. Per a post...