1. J

    iPhone 13 Best Buy/Verizon Trade In promo - not as good as last year's?

    Last year, Best Buy offered the same exact trade-in deal as Verizon towards iPhone 12 models. The best part was, you would get the trade-in credit up front (whereas Verizon wants you to mail them your phone and give you the credit in monthly installments for 2 years), and apply it towards the...
  2. gbf

    iPhone 12 Pro Verizon UWB

    There is a block right in front of the police station that always has UWB and now, as of late, just 5G. Why would this happen?
  3. B

    iPad Pro Verizon iPad promotion nonsense

    I ordered a 12.9 2GB with cell as soon as my order would go through this morning. My delivery date is not until June 2nd - Jun 9th. After placing my order, I received an email from Apple regarding the carrier discounts. In that email, it says the new iPad needs to be activated within 30 days of...
  4. philrock

    Verizon or Apple

    I'm finally seriously considering an Apple Watch. For the better part of the last 18 years I have worked in areas where security protocol restricted wearing smart watches or having phones on your person. As much as I have wanted an AW, I couldn't justify one knowing it would not be on my wrist...
  5. M

    Universal My Verizon version 8.4.0 crashes on launch

    Hey all, Just updated the my Verizon app today to version 8.4.0 on both an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPad Air running version 14.3 of their respective OS. On launch, the app loads my dashboard and then crashes. This happens on both devices. I have uninstalled the app, and restarted the devices...
  6. T

    12 Pro Max sending calls straight to voicemail with no ringing/notification

    The past couple days I've had people report to me that when they try to call me, it either doesn't ring or rings once and goes straight to voicemail (as if my phone is turned off or has DnD on). I have verified that DnD is off, my phone is not set to mute, and that there is no reason for the...
  7. J

    iPhone 12 PM Call Failed?

    Hey all. Wondering if anyone is experiencing this issue with any model of their iPhone 12. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max on Verizon. When I dial or a call comes in to me, the first time I answer the call, I can’t hear anything and the other party can’t hear me. After a few seconds I’ll get the...
  8. Caviar_X

    iPhone XS Max Verizon: Should I use AppleCare before returning?

    My iPhone XS Max is cracked on the back on the phone and I have a Genius appt this Friday for repair using AppleCare. I've already activated my 12 Pro Max but I'm wondering since the back is cracked will I receive a refurbished XS Max and will Verizon be OK accept the device? I'm worried I...
  9. S

    Ethernet switch wreaking havoc on my network

    I'm going a bit crazy trying to solve this one, so maybe the MacRumors family can point me in the right direction... Something is fishy with my network. I've recently added a 5-port unmanaged ethernet switch (TP-Link TL-SG105) to my network. When the switch is connected to my Verizon FiOS G1100...
  10. philrock

    Migrating to Verizon CLoud from iCloud

    I'm starting to migrate from iCloud to Verizon Cloud storage. I figure I can save a few bucks by using the included 600GB instead of paying for the 200GB iCloud. I feel like I will lose some capabilities in this transition as the Verizon cloud won't be as integrated. Two main goals here...
  11. EEzycade

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 First Impressions!

    Well I finally upgraded from my 8. Walked out of the Verizon store last night with a brand new iPhone 12 (Pacific Blue, 128gb). Thought I would share my first impressions with all of you. Let's start with the positive: -I like the bigger screen. -The quality of the screen is a big step up from...
  12. T

    iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12Pro Cell Service issues?

    Hello everyone! Tried to search for this on the forum but no responses yet: No issue with 5G since we don’t have it in my area. I have Another issue. My service keeps dropping on Verizon LTE. I turned off 5G and put LTE only. Restarted the phone. Removed the Sim. Still dropping the signal...
  13. B

    iPhone Wi-Fi Calling for Other Devices causes calls not to be received

    So, I've been working through an issue with Verizon for several weeks, maybe longer. Suddenly, I had a problem where I wasn't receiving any calls on my phone. They would all be sent to voicemail after half a ring. There were a few things that would fix the issue but only temporarily. 1. I could...
  14. S

    Can’t enable WiFi calling.

    Been working with Verizon but still can’t find a way to enable WiFi calling. Every time I try to turn it on on my iPhone I get the message “to allow WiFi calling on this account, contact Verizon”. Verizon assures me it is enabled and activated on their end. Anyone had this problem?
  15. lexdiamonnyc

    iPhone internet speeds severely slow after 13.1 update......Verizon.

    Anyone else having this issue? had my 11 Pro Max since the 20th and it was faster than my XsMax, fast forward to yesterday after the update and my internet speeds have turned into complete garbage. Already tried resetting all network setting and that didn't work. will try doing a full restore...
  16. ColeSQ

    Can’t add existing Verizon phone number to iPhone 11 eSim (IMEI not in database)

    Verizon can’t add my phone number to my iPhone 11 eSim because my IMEI isn’t in their database. Is anyone else having this issue?
  17. gabo864

    iPhone 11 Pro AppleCare theft & loss vs Verizon theft & Lost

    Which one is better? Does Apple replace their own phones due to loss and theft?
  18. SweetLilFairy

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max Preorder thru Apple or Verizon?

    This will be my third year preordering. In the past I've always done it through Verizon. This year I am considering just doing it directly through Apple. My question is if I preorder through Apple will my iPhone be automatically activated to my number/account? I would like it to be ready out of...
  19. purdnost

    Other Apple Upgrade Program Vs Verizon’s?

    I’ve been using Verizon’s upgrade program for years. Pre-ordering has always been extremely smooth, plus I don’t have to go to store to pick up my new phone every year. There are fees like line activation, etc. with Verizon. Just curious which program is better overall, as I see Apple has a...
  20. kirill.r

    Other Verizon Monthly > Apple Upgrade

    So I am currently on Verizon's monthly device payment plan with my Xs Max and I want to switch to the Apple upgrade program when the preorders go live for the iPhone 11. Is that possible, if so how?