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Dec 1, 2017
I have the iPhone 8+ (64gb) and whenever I am charging my phone or listening to music, the slightest movement will disconnect the cable to the phone, not physically but the iPhone acts like it is being disconnected. This problem happens with both my headphones and lightning cable that came with the phone. I tried a different cable and it did the same thing. This problem started and persisted since day 1 of having the phone. With my lightning cable it will quickly disconnect then reconnect. With my headphones it will disconnect and sometimes still recognize the headphones and other times I have to completely disconnect the headphones and then plug them back in for the phone to recognize them.

I went to the Apple store and an associate tried the cable with their phone and it worked fine. They replaced my original phone with a new phone, however the problem persists with this new phone. I am unsure if this is a software issue or hardware issue. I can't think it is a hardware issue since the phone was replaced (unless I have awful luck). I haven't restored my phone from a previous back up, I've only transferred my music onto my phone through iTunes. I read before that some people with similar issues (not with the iPhone 8+) were recommended to stop automatic back ups with iCloud, I tried this and have seen no improvement.

Please help with some suggestions, the closest Apple store is 2+ hours away :-(
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