lightning cable

  1. L

    Type-C Port Has Becoming the Trend, Why Apple Still Use the Lightning Port?

    Although Apple Macbook Pros switching over to USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 several years ago, the iPhone still sticks to the lightning port. However, as we can tell, most new Android phones, have all switched to USB-C. According to the news, Recently EU lawmakers will take action to force Apple to ditch...
  2. C

    Help with charging when you are out and about

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has an alternative solution for charging when you are out and about. I struggle with the battery on the 7, I’m contemplating getting an 8, I’ve been using batter packs anywhere from 5000 mah to 20 mah and had the same issue. Charging from pocket to pocket...
  3. Z

    File transfer through the Lightning cable

    Is it possible to transfer a Keynote file from an iMac to the 2017 Ipad using the Lightning cable directly attached to the iMac?
  4. W

    Car Mount issues

    Our family currently uses two Android smartphones from the Moto E4 and G4 model lines. We may migrate to iPhones in the future, but nothing is planned. We also have an iPad Mini that we get a surprising amount of still-photo and vidcam action out of. We are concerned about car mounts. We...
  5. ericrsxavier

    iPhone 5 or earlier Lightining cable

    Hello, My lighting cable sunk its tip in the water and I lost one of its "golden" squared patches. It looks like nothing is rust, but should I worry or can I keep using it?
  6. T

    iPhone 8+ lightning port disconnects with slightest movement

    I have the iPhone 8+ (64gb) and whenever I am charging my phone or listening to music, the slightest movement will disconnect the cable to the phone, not physically but the iPhone acts like it is being disconnected. This problem happens with both my headphones and lightning cable that came with...
  7. adriandegar

    How does +1k one-star reviews not warrant a response from Apple?

    How is it possible to have so many one star reviews for the primary accessory shipping with Apple's flagship product(s) and not have an official response or redesign from the world's most profitable tech company? I know Apple has doubled down on lightning amid rumors of a switch to USB-C. Why...
  8. L

    Lightning Cable with Larger End Piece

    Hi All, Happy Friday! Does anyone know of any USB Lightning Cables that you've purchased online that have a larger end tip (the plugs into phone)? I have an old one from the AT&T store that was there brand, but looking for another as they do not seem to have the same style anymore. The...
  9. I

    iPhone recognizes cable but doesn't charge

    Ive got an iphone 5s that i have had for a while. after installing ios 10 ive had some really weird battery issues. what happens is when my phone dies, i will plug in a cable (that works perfectly fine on other iphones) in to the iphone and the screen with the lightning bolt and battery pops up...