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Old geek 959

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Sep 7, 2014
Hello :)
Am planning to buy the SE (switching from Android and it fits my budget currently) and I dont mind the small screen is it a good choice?
appreciate your opinions folks.


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Oct 24, 2015
Best. Phone. Ever !

If you don't mind the screen then it's your best phone!
It's fast, it has a magnificent design :3 and the internals of 6s + back camera (12 MP), and for an Apple product it's very cheap. Ow and the battery is the best!


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May 6, 2008
Buy it. You seriously will not regret it. It's a great phone. But definitely go with the 64GB model though.


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Feb 3, 2008
I have the 16gb model and it's more than enough for my needs. Just messaging, web surfing, YouTube. I don't have a million photos and videos stored on it, so 64gb is not really needed


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Jul 19, 2013
It's a great phone. Probably the best one handed iPhone size ever. I had the 6+ and now the 7 and they both are still a little hard to use one handed in bed.


Jun 18, 2010

64gb / space gray / $450 iPhone SE

Best iPhone design of all-time, IMO. And best value from Apple all year. Just need to live with the 1.2MP front camera, smaller display for typing, weaker aluminum grade, an older (but still goodie design), and sharper edges.

+ A9 chip still beats 2016 Android flagships and dusts the Snapdragon 820

+ Small size best for working out and one-handed use (closest at being an iPod replacement)

+ Grippier which makes it easier to take photos while taking it in landscape (iPhone 6/7 series caseless is like a bar of soap especially the Plus models)

+ Best value ($15 per month for the next 30 months, comparable to $400 OnePlus 3 and ZTE Axon 7)

+ Best iPhone design inside/out (sorry, matte black iPhone 7 fans, *yawn* to the Batman iPhone with attracts smudges, more slippery, and looks like any other phone in black)

+ No camera hump thanks to being slightly thicker

+ Perhaps the last iPhone to offer 3.5mm headphone jack since dongles can easily be lost

+ Long battery life (although some YouTube reviewers have differing opinions and iOS10 kinda made it worse as reported)

+ Charges almost twice as FAST compared to iPhone 7 Plus with comparable battery life

Honestly, if I didn't get a MBA or even a PS4, the iPhone SE might have been my first choice for a phone if the iPhone 7 Plus size would've bothered me, the 7 would still be slippery, and the LG V20 offered poor battery life. The best bang for your buck product that Apple released this year considering it could have been sold originally for $150 more.

Need anymore convincing? Watch this.

I don't even own an iPhone or even need one to use because I can't stand restrictive iOS as a daily driver. Rather get the new MacBook to tell you the truth and for more status symbol points. But these reviewers really know how to sell these iPhones to me. If still not convinced, watch PhoneBuff's speed test comparisons where the iPhone 6s with the same A9 chip still dusts every 2016 Android out there.

Best specs - 7 Plus
Best balance/comfortable ergonomics - 7
Best design/value - SE
GOAT iPhone inside/out = SE

Put the space gray iPhone SE next to an iPhone 2G and black 4s and the SE is still superior in design. The 2G is starting to look dated after nine years have passed and the 4 series were fingerprint/scratch/crack-prone thanks to the glass material on both sides which also made the 4 series slippery.

I also seen a matte black 7 next to a space gray SE from Cult of Mac, and the SE still looks better while the 7's screen size is probably more ideal for me to type on.

The iPhone SE has its flaws like every smartphone ever made. But SE is probably the closest iPhone to reach perfection. SE rules! Everyone else droolz!

Space gray 5s (left) and SE (right)

SE matches the older MacBooks better with the lighter shade of gray and will show smudges even less.

Phil A.

Moderator emeritus
Apr 2, 2006
Shropshire, UK
The SE is a brilliant, brilliant phone and I love mine. I went from a 6S+ after getting fed up of carrying round such a big phone and I couldn't be happier.
The only minor fly in the ointment is that it maxes out at 64GB but apart from that, it's perfect :)


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Feb 26, 2008
If they were gonna shuffle aroudnncapacities they would have done with with 7 release and 50 price drop on the 64.
One can argue that then it may have been "too soon", though (just 5 months after release)... But I agree. It's difficult to think about it to come before next spring at least, if anytime. 64 is still too small for my ipod already, that's my problem.
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