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    Apr 26, 2019
    Hi. I’ve been getting extreme amounts of battery drain from my iPhone SE. It’s currently on iOS 12.2 but I’ve noticed this behavior since iOS 11. I attributed it to a worn battery and got the battery replaced last January at my local apple store. Alas, the battery drain is still there.

    When I talk about battery drain I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 45-50% draining overnight. If I leave my phone with 50% charge when I sleep, 8 hours later the phone’s dead. I’ve gotten the battery replaced again last March and it’s still exhibiting the same behavior. I don’t know what’s causing the drain. I’ve factory reset the phone and it has no apps right now. I remove my sim and keep it on airplane mode at night (which only helps a little bit) to no avail. I’ve turned off every setting I can: no raise to wake, no location services, no background app refresh, reduced animations and reduced transparency on, shake to undo off, vibration off, night shift off, wifi off, bluetooth off, cellular data and wifi assist off, iCloud off, all notifications for all apps completely off, my email and any other accounts are all on manual fetch, Siri and siri suggestions off, automatic date and time off, screen rotation off, screen time off, auto-lock to 30 seconds, and low power mode on (even at 100%). I’ve done resets, reboots and factory data wipes but still even with all these, I still experience excessive standby draining in daytime or night time. It has gotten so bad that I’ve been using a cheapo samsung phone in the mean time as I figure out what to do with my iPhone.

    I’ve never dropped it hard (it’s been in a case in the 2 years since buying it new), no water damage, no other problem (screen, touch id, camera, mic, cell antenae, speakers are all fine), and I’ve only used the apple charger that it came with in te box. I didn’t play intense games on it when it was new and I don’t excessively overcharge my phone. It only started exhibiting this since June of last year and I’ve gotten the battery replaced thrice since then (one in august, one last jan, and one last march).

    I am at a loss and don’t know what to do with my phone. I don’t have apple care and my phone is out of warranty. The apple store employees insist that I might not have used an apple charger and that might be the thing to blame despite me reasoning with them that I’ve never used any other charger than the one from the box.

    Photo below shows my battery health (5% degradation in a month)

    Other photo shows my phone draining. Had it charged to 100% and then within an hour of me removing the charger with low power mode on and cell data, wifi, bluetooth off its now drained 13% all on standby and no screen on time. Screen off time is also 0 minutes

    I really don’t know what causes this and how to fix it. My brother says that it maybe a broken IC port (I don’t know what that is) but my phone charges normally and is easily identified when plugged into my macbook pro.

    Any help is greatly needed and appreciated.

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    It's the battery. Have you gone to the same place to have your battery replaced? Chances are the batteries they have are bad. Try a different store location or you can try to replace it yourself. You seem a pretty punctilious person, I'm sure replacing the battery would be breezy for you.

    Check out youtube and see how easy it is to replace an SE battery.
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    Sep 23, 2014
    I also have had battery drain issues on my SE, although not as bad as you.

    It occasionally shutdowns itself before it even gets close to 1%. Not everyday, but sometimes, and happens a lot more in the past months nths, the battery just seems to die very quickly.

    In the battery health settings, there is a message saying that the SE is having power related issues.

    The weird thing is, it has been happening shortly after getting the iPhone back in October of 2017, when the battery capacity was at 100%.

    I do not use my phone as often as most people, so my battery is at a decent 97%.

    I got AC+ on it, so I will probably contact Apple soon to get it fixed, but I have been putting it off because I hate dealing with them.
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    Mar 14, 2014
    So do I. I bought my SE during their recent clearance sells campaign in the end of February on eBay from a reliable seller who, in turn, bought it around the same time, so the phone was brand new. I turned on all features required for such connectivity functions as Handoff (bluetooth+Wifi), I had Mobile data turned on too occasionally when being out. At the moment of delivery it was on iOS 11.4 and the drain was intolerably high: 0.5% per half an hour, after upgrade to iOS 12 it seemed draining stabilized however sometimes in a sleeping mode it would go down by 3%, sometimes by 10% overnight. Connectivity functions are on (WiFi, BT, Location tracking), Mobile Data is off. I use social apps, Photos a lot but not 24/7. Most of the time the phone is idle.
    Today I popped in at the Battery settings and was shocked when it displayed 99% battery health after 2.5 months of use.
    The most suffering thing is when do I find time to submit it to repairs. They told it would take 5 to 7 working days and I need my phone, especially at this time of my life which is very tumultuous as I'm in a stand-by mode expecting useful calls.
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    Mar 27, 2017
    A high drain situation like this is often the result of a damaged power management chip.

    Apple can do an OOW replacement or you can take it to a shop to replace the Tristar chip.


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