iPhone X Orders 10/27 After 11am


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Sep 17, 2012

Has anyone who preordered the iPhone X after 11am on 10/27 receive their tracking information? I see everyone who ordered early morning have received tracking but i haven't seen too many people later in the day say the same. Please send a quick reply saying your carrier, date ordered and time or fill out the template below. Thank You!! everything helps!

Carrier: Sprint
Date Ordered: 10/27
Time Ordered: 11:30 am
Date/Time Confirmation Received: 10/27 @ 3:21PM
Date/Time Shipping Info Received: Not Yet
Which iPhone X did you order? (Color/Size GB): Silver/256GB

Date Ordered:
Time Ordered:
Date/Time Confirmation Received:
Date/Time Shipping Info Received:
Which iPhone X did you order? (Color/Size GB):